Monday, 25 January 2010

Our Spring Wishlist

As spring approaches ever nearer we can't help but feel inspired by all things floral and decorative.
And so here are our top five picks for welcoming the spring season all from Urban Outfitters, available in store or on their website.

Heart Watch Pendant, £24.00

Bird Jewellery Stand, £14.00

Tea Cup Planter, £25.00

Floral Print Bag, £18.00

Decorative Cake Stand, £20.00

So now you've seen our top picks, and we want to know -
What would your Spring wishlist consist of?

4 love letters:

Jen said...

Ok. OK! Deep breaths. Calm down.

I must, must, MUST have that bird jewellery stand! ARGH!!

charlotte lucy said...

they also have a beautiful jewellary stand made from piled up mini gorgeous!


Everyday Dress Up said...

so french country.


MJ said...

Jewellery stand! That's what I need! Genius.

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