Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hello British Summertime!

The clocks have gone forward today - normally we're not very happy about losing an hour of our precious weekends, but as it signifies the beginning of British Summertime, we'll happily welcome it after the Winter we've had.

The sun keeps poking its head out, flashing a hint of what's sure to come soon, and the fact that it's still light at 7 o'clock at night puts a big smile on our faces. If only those grey rain clouds would stop lurking menacingly... we're ready to get our Summer wardrobes out of hiding!

We're crazy for...

MedFed – I’m crazy about you!

“These mad-to-order fashion pieces are inspired by common delusions such as believing everyone is watching you and feeling that you might be the queen.”
Mental health is a serious issue, it's misunderstood and misinterpreted and to be quite frank, people can be narrow-minded and scared of illnesses that they don't understand.
Erica Crompton is an extraordinary young woman, despite all the trials and tribulations she has gone through purely because she is a sufferer of psychosis, she has risen above the discrimination. She has recently created her own fashion collection called MedFed, in order to raise awareness of mental health issues.

diamante psycho cuff with dotty & bunnies buckle

The collection is inspired by Milk fed and X-girl street fashion. She has also nodded towards the Korean film "I'm a cyborg but that's okay", to compose a certain light-heartedness and fun about what's mostly regarded as a sad and tragic thing - psychosis.

Chinese Miffy knock-off bunny bobble

Pieces are designed on a made to order basis, with prices starting at £12 for accessories.
To order contact

By Bethan Cooper

Friday, 26 March 2010

Spreading Glee

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been won over by the new series that everybody seems to be talking about – Glee! We’d never really thought of ourselves as the kind of people who’d enjoy a programme that is predominantly about high school kids singing and dancing, but it has become a guilty pleasure that we look forward to every week.

Focusing on a group of misfits hoping to enter the Glee nationals, this show has fast become a viewers’ favourite. The characters all have their own endearing quirkiness’; some could even be described as crazy. And with enough love triangles to make your head spin, you fall in love with a different character every week.

But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s another ‘High School Musical’ – far from it. The show is big on plot, rather than just singing, the musical aspect just adds a little something extra to this already brilliant series.

The cast have even managed to score themselves a number one with Don’t Stop Believin’, as well as helping Journey’s original version back into the top ten.

Now we may just have to start our own glee club. In the meantime we’ll just stick the soundtrack on and belt the songs out when nobody can hear. If only we had Rachel’s set of lungs…

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

Just when we thought spring was beginning to show it's wonderous face, we're suddenly greeted with days of non-stop downpours. That's the English weather for you.

On days like these we just want to slip back to bed, cuddle up in blankets with a pot of tea and watch movies. If only we could..

So what do you feel like doing when the weather lets you down?
We've still got our fingers crossed for blue skies and sunshine, let's hope tomorrow will be a brighter day xo

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Street Style

Elizabeth, Student

What are you wearing? My leggings are from eBay, New Look bazer, Topshop T-shirt and my plimsoles were £2 from a kids store.

How would you describe your style? I'm a fan of Japanese culture and I love the pin - up style.

What's on your ipod at the moment? Queens of the Stone Age.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

One To Swatch…

To me, there isn’t a better accessory than a watch. A person wearing a watch signifies organisation, drive, and most importantly, a keen eye for accessories. After years of lusting after my Dad’s watch and the gorgeous creations over at Chanel, I truly thought no other watch could compare.So whilst browsing through the SWATCH website, I was more than thrilled to see that they’ve released a new collection of watches androgynous enough to suit both men and women, whilst still looking quirky and high fashion.

The collection, an update to their ‘chrono’ watch collection, consists of five new additions - red, purple, green, navy, and my personal favourite, white. The white watch in particular looks the perfect substitute for the sought-after white Chanel watches, adding more of a playful and ‘young’ twist to the idea of a ‘classic’ shape of watch. The overall theme is a bit nautical, a bit 80’s and another part masculine, whilst still being extremely wearable and fun.

Image from Nylon

Worn piled up on your wrist, or played down for an interview, the Swatch watches add just the right amount of personality to an outfit. I’ll certainly be snapping up a Chrono Swatch Watch!

by Molly Taylor

Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring Fling

Well, we know it took a while to get here.... we're blaming it on the late arrival of Spring.
But with all that aside please feast your eyes on the beauty that is the Spring Fling issue of Cellardoor.

We've got another packed issue with interviews from the like of photographer Stacey Mark, the 'next big thing' Zara Martin and our favourite band of the moment Burn the Fleet. Not to mention beautiful editorials and more.

So what are you waiting for.....
We'd love to know what you all think, and what you'd love to see in the next issue.



Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wishing all our lovely readers and followers a happy St. Patrick's day!

All images found on weheartit

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fashion gives some Sport Relief

We've seen dresses made out of some pretty random things before, (I knew a girl once who rocked up to a fancy dress party in an outfit made entirely out of a bin liner.) but William Tempest has made recycled fashion chic again, all with the help of Ms. Moss.

The pair have joined forces all in the name of Sport Relief with William designing a dress for Kate to do what she does best - that's model in case you had forgotten.

The dress itself however is not your average designer frock. The beautiful creation has been crafted from mosquito nets! The young fashion designer hopes to raise awareness of the dangers and prevention of malaria in Africa and that the simple purchase of a mosquito net can make all the difference.

“I was shocked to hear that one child dies from malaria in Africa every 30 seconds, that’s why I was happy to be involved in this important project for Sport Relief.” Kate explains, “William Tempest’s dress, which incorporates recycled malaria nets is absolutely gorgeous, I loved wearing it and working with William.”

There's even a chance to get your hands on this fabulous dress, as it will be auctioned off at a later date to raise money for the charity. Visit for more info

Monday, 15 March 2010

God Save McQueen

Alexander Mcqueen, who passed away in February, had a flawless and constant ability to make an impression in the fashion circuit.

A true visionary, he could seamlessly conjure up collection after collection of beautiful and influential designs, ending in a phenomenal and heartbreaking collection shown at Paris Fashion Week this spring.
The collection itself would've been inspiring whether fabulous or not, purely for the fact it's been so eagerly anticipated by the entire fashion industry, but McQueen most definitely didn't fail his loyal followers.

An almost mythical collection was presented, consisting of gold, red and white pieces, each more imaginative and innovative than the next. Prints chosen and printed by McQueen himself were never over the top, simply complimenting the Grecian draping and almost ‘architectural’ tailoring. The hemlines were primarily short, and the shoes, as always, were divine, displaying pairs of thigh high and ankle boots, both intricately decorated with gold detailing.

The defining piece of the collection was the gold-collared coat dress, which was made entirely of tiny gold feathers.

Altogether, it was a sublimely beautiful and goosebump-inducing collection, but what more could we really expect from the man that continually exceeds expectations?

By Molly Taylor

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Alice, Alice? Who the...

It seems we have hit Alice-mania. With the new release of Tim Burton’s film, people can’t seem to get enough of her and anything Wonderland related. But cast your minds back to the version you loved as a child – Disney’s animated version.

Paul and Joe have created some amazingly cute Alice in Wonderland make-up, using the original Disney animations in the design, with a choice of a blue Daydream or pink Fantasy.

Each set contains a lip treatment stick, blotting paper and blotting paper refills, all coming in a collectable tin. They are currently available to buy from ASOS and in store at Harrods all for the affordable price of £25.

Grab them while you still can!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Team Darren?

It seems the question is no longer Team Edward or Team Jacob, there’s a new love triangle in town. Barbie’s got herself a new love interest in Darren, a new rival for Barbie’s long time beau Ken.


And Darren may just have the edge on Ken. Decked in an outfit chosen especially for him by Jay-Z from Rocawear, he has a “cool” British accent due to him being exclusive to Selfridges throughout the whole of March. Apparently he’s great at sports and geography too!

Much as we’d hate to break Ken and Barbie up, we think Darren’s pretty cool!

Get to Selfridges to buy yours before they all sell out (don’t pretend you don’t want to!).

Thursday, 11 March 2010

What the pug?

We love the amazing balloons the girls from French Grazia were handing out over Paris Fashion Week. Who can resist the cute little pugs - without any of the mess.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

So you think you've got style?

Sunday 14th, Mother’s Day, whatever you want to call it, is all about event of the season - STYLE SOCIETY! Brought to you by fashion blogger Sarah-Leigh.

Presenting the first of its eponymous events, STYLE SOCIETY aims to bring visionary minds together under one roof for an evening of music, drinks, dancing, creativity and most importantly, to raise some much needed funds for the charity Oxfam.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion student, budding designer, vintage enthusiast or simply downright trendy – everyone is welcome to Southampton's very first fashion-dedicated evening, hosted by Orange Rooms.

You can expect:

Live music from Le Martells,Kelly Mordecai, Joe Chiari andAaron Soul to keep you entertained throughout the evening, as well as DJs Ryan Band Jelly who will be hitting the decks with their mix of 80’s hip hop and funk.

Don’t miss out the live entertainment from artist Lisa Jean, accessories designer Candy Joyce, graffiti artists Monorexand Threefold Media Photobooth (be prepared to be snapped in your fineries).

Orange rooms will be transformed in to Galleries of live art, from artist such as Iris Hill's Lisa Jean. Not to mention a multitude of Oxfam's finest vintage items to rifle through!

Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘surprise’ fashion extravaganza, courtesy of stylist Sophie Penn.

Sarah has even organised an auction with a whole array of amazing gifts, look out for exclusives from the likes of Reebok, Addict and Hepwrights.If the gifts aren’t enough to persuade you - all the proceeds are going to aid Oxfam and Style Society’s aim to build a new classroom to provide education to an under-privileged community.

Come along and visit HEPWRIGHT’S VINTAGE LOUNGE – a chill out zone come dressing up area packed with luxury stock from Hepwright’s vintage emporium (visit the store on Queen’s Terrace, Southampton).

One super-stylish guy and one glamorous girl on the night will be awarded a gift bag brimming with surprises for the ‘best dressed’ or ‘vintage fabulous’, so don’t be shy, go and throw on those glad rags!

Just watch out for the paparazzi!

The delectable Catherine at Hepwright is offering 20% discount in store for anyone that buys his or her tickets in advance.

Buy yours here

Tickets: £2 in advance here or £3 on the night.

Join the Facebook group

Bethan Cooper

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Origami Love

We first came across these beauties here and just couldn't resist showing you. How cute are they, our favourite is the little piglet.

See more here

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spring in our step

So the weather man told us that Spring is on it's way. I want to believe him, I mean the sun was shining it's little hat off this afternoon but the scarf and gloves were firmly on this evening.
Good job the Spring issue of Cellardoor is just around the corner, will that tempt you Mr Sunshine? We thought as much.
Here's some inspiration to keep you going. We can't wait to share it with you