Tuesday, 23 March 2010

One To Swatch…

To me, there isn’t a better accessory than a watch. A person wearing a watch signifies organisation, drive, and most importantly, a keen eye for accessories. After years of lusting after my Dad’s watch and the gorgeous creations over at Chanel, I truly thought no other watch could compare.So whilst browsing through the SWATCH website, I was more than thrilled to see that they’ve released a new collection of watches androgynous enough to suit both men and women, whilst still looking quirky and high fashion.

The collection, an update to their ‘chrono’ watch collection, consists of five new additions - red, purple, green, navy, and my personal favourite, white. The white watch in particular looks the perfect substitute for the sought-after white Chanel watches, adding more of a playful and ‘young’ twist to the idea of a ‘classic’ shape of watch. The overall theme is a bit nautical, a bit 80’s and another part masculine, whilst still being extremely wearable and fun.

Image from Nylon

Worn piled up on your wrist, or played down for an interview, the Swatch watches add just the right amount of personality to an outfit. I’ll certainly be snapping up a Chrono Swatch Watch!

by Molly Taylor

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Jen said...

Oh, I do like these. My trusty Armani never lets me down but it's rather serious and I'd love something a little more fun. The white is my favourite too!

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