Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cheryl Factor

Glamour have recently announced the winners of their best and worst dressed of the year award. Worst dressed naturally went to Katie Price who just seems to always get it amazingly wrong - pink velour and fake tan is never a good look.

But the best dressed spot was given to Cheryl Cole. One fifth of girl band Girls Aloud, Cheryl has been making a name for herself as a solo star as well as a fashion icon in recent months.

The pop singer and TV star beat Kate Moss and Posh Spice for the top spot, but is she really the best dressed star we have? I mean she looks great, but I've never really looked to her as a style icon.

What's your opinion? Do you love Cheryl? Who would you have chosen as your winner?

4 love letters:

Jodi Lawler said...

Did these people not see the bin bag she wore for her Live Lounge performance?!?

Unknown said...

Wow she really does have some odd outfits!

Mo said...

its hard to say...but i have to admit i kinda like those... ;-)

Danni said...

I think she has some nice outfits, but I wouldn't say shes the best dressed out of everyone.

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