Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Oh Cleo

Tonight as a part of its ‘Lates’ evening The Science Museum are offering a free Ancient Egyptian makeover workshop. Described as a ‘Nile style make-over’ the make-over focuses on cosmetics dating back to 650BC and uses an 18th dynasty beauty palette.

Before the sex kitten 60s updated the look, the Egyptians made famous the thick black eye-liner flick worn around eyes. The Egyptians epitomize beauty, their skills today can still not be matched. To look to them is to better understand where it started and what beauty can and still does mean to us today.

The lates night also includes debates about ‘ Why does beauty matter’ with The L’Oreal Young Scientist Centre exploring experiments. You can delve into what makes us so obsessed by beauty.

Lates Ancient Egyptian Beauty lates starts at 18.45 - and totally free.

By Olivia Weeks

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