Monday, 12 April 2010

You think you've seen it all. You haven't seen anything yet...

Good news for the girls - the Sex and the City 2 trailer has been extended to two and a half decadent, designer-filled minutes! Set to Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind, the fast-paced trailer is set 2 years on from SATC 1- showing that it's not just about great clothes and cocktails. We see Charlotte struggling to cope with motherhood, Miranda surprising herself by doing well at it, Samantha back to her old man-eating ways (that we all missed so much in the first film) and Carrie struggling to keep the ‘za- za- zoo’ alive in her marriage to Big.

Scenes show Big flirting with another woman, Carrie dressed as (what my guess is) best man at Stanford’s wedding, Samantha dune-hopping, Charlotte cupcake making and Miranda making it on time to see Brady win a school prize.

While the beautiful cinematography of New York is what makes Sex and The City, the movie wouldn’t be complete without taking a trip abroad - to exotic Abu Dhabi. In between camel-riding whilst looking fierce and drinking cocktails in the desert on Arabian cushions surrounded by muslin, Carrie bumps into old flame Aiden in a beautiful Arabian market. What follows can only be described as a long hug, Carrie in a dress slit to her thigh; worthy of a gulp from Aiden and the statement from Carrie to Big that ‘something happened.’

Penelope Cruz, Miley Cyrus and Liza Minelli all feature, alongside a huge dollop of beautiful men (I especially like the look of the quick flash of fist pumping guys at the pool), a great soundtrack and the usual witty one-liners. The fashion is more beautiful than ever before with Carrie dripping in Halston Heritage, to quote the film - ‘I can hear the decadence calling.’

One thing hasn’t changed; their unique friendship - and Samantha sums it up perfectly, ‘We made a deal a long time ago - men, babies it doesn’t matter; we’re soulmates.’

With just over a month to go, for now the trailer will have to do. Meanwhile, I’m booking my flight to Abu Dhabi…

Sex and The City 2 is out in cinemas May 28th. Attendance is recommended in large groups of well-dressed, excitable females, before visiting a fun- filled cocktail bar!

by Olivia Weeks

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charlotte lucy said...

sososososososososo in the pool yummy


Jen said...

Eeeep! Cannot wait for this. For the last film, my friends and I dressed as the characters (I was Carrie!) and went for Cosmos and dancing afterwards. Definitely doing the same again this year!

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