Wednesday, 12 May 2010

We Never Forget...

Wandering the streets of London for the past week or two you may have noticed some rather beautiful visitors to the city. 250 exotic painted elephant sculptures are parading the streets around London as part of a campaign by to help raise awareness and money for the Asian elephant as well as UK conservation companies such as Born Free.

The Elephants have been painted by greats such as Jack Vettriano, Mark Quinn and Matthew Williamson. Queen of the wrap dress Diane von Furstenberg created elephant ‘Twiggy’ painting her white with red geometric shapes. From elephants in disguise as tigers, to one being covered in black and white pin up photos, another being painted with anti-graffiti resin and Lulu Guiness’ elephant covered in lipstick kisses, they are all unique and convey a powerful image.


Lulu Guinness' design

They are for sale through auction in July. However if you fancy taking one home miniatures are available from Selfridges, Carnaby Street and Regent Street. Elephants from parades all over the world can also be bought on the website

Visit the website where you can find out about upcoming events including the auction, as well as sign the petition to help save the elephants. The elephants can be seen strutting around London until July 2010, when they will head off to New York.

Also keep your eye out for the lovely Zara Martin's contribution with BodyAMR and read a little more about the cause in upcoming issue of Cellardoor.

by Olivia Weeks

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daisychain said...

I saw these in a magazine and fell in love. I wish I could get to London to see them for real!

Jen said...

That's so lovely! I want to see them for real, especially that Lulu Guinness one! Too cute.

beneath the glass said...

those are adorable, what a great idea! and thank you for your recent post on my blog, I hope you'll visit again and become a follower. I enjoy your blog as well and am following :)

Unknown said...

ah i saw them! i even attempted to sit on one! how many ppl do u think have been stupid enough to do that ha ha xxx

Anonymous said...

awwi love these very very much!

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