Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Clothes Show

The Cellardoor girls hit the Clothes Show at Earls Court yesterday to have a look around and watch some shows. As well as scoring some great freebies and bumping into Larry Lamb (who we love!), we saw some great style on display from some of the ladies. Luckily we had our camera there so we could snap some pics and show you guys!

Jessica and Amber

Have you been to The Clothes Show before?
Jessica: This is my first time!
Amber: I've been a few times before, so I like coming back every year.

What made you decide to come?
Jessica: I got tickets for my birthday. I love clothes, and I like designing them. I'd love to be a designer someday!

Nicole and Oli

What brought you to The Clothes Show?
Nicole: All the clothes! We love that they're all in one place.
Oli: This is our first time here. We're excited to see the fashion shows too.

Lea and Laura

What brought you to The Clothes Show?
Lea: All the hot guys!
Laura: And obviously all the clothes and fashion. We've already bought far too much.

How would you describe your own style?
Laura: I flit through style depending on how I feel that day.
Lea: Yeah, I'm the same. Sometimes I'll feel really girly whereas other days I'll be a bit more rock chick.

Do you have any style icons?
Laura: I really like Pixie Lott, she has a great look.

Faye and Kate

Have you been to The Clothes Show before?
Faye: I went years ago in Birmingham, but I've just moved to London so my sister has come down for a day of girly bonding.

How would you describe your own style?
Kate: I like to play it quite safe, though I love Kate Moss and the stuff she did for Topshop.
Faye: I'm quite girly and wear a lot of pastels. I used to live in Australia and I think it inspired me to be quite "beachy".

Have any of you ventured down there this weekend? Let us know your thoughts!

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