Saturday, 5 June 2010

Summer Loves

Now that the sunshine has made another welcome return, us girls at Cellardoor have been remembering all the things that make Summer the best season of all. Here's a little list of our favourite things this season brings...

Going on holiday - beaches, bikinis, sun, sea and sand!
Beer gardens
Summer dresses
Ice cream
Eating Al Fresco
Flip flops
Longer evenings
Swimming pools
Laying in the sun

What are your favourite things about Summer?

6 love letters:

charlotte lucy said...

best thing - when its really hot, and then a cool breeze hits you. amazing.


CrystaL* said...

i love picnics in the park with bread, cheese and a bottle of wine. road trips in the sunshine and meeting new people!

Anonymous said...

In an Australian summer I love how the days are sooo long, with the sun setting at about 9.30pm.

Unknown said...

i cannot wait until the summer your list explains everything that i love xxxx

Milly. said...

I think your list pretty much sums up my summer!
Otherwise getting to spend a longgg time with the boyfriend as the whole rest of year it's quick visits etc as he's at University :(

Road trips are also a huge feature of my summers.
BBQs & festivals. Spending time in London.
My best thing is wearing fewer clothes! haha x

beneath the glass said...

i'm def. on board with the beer gardens! not this summer, though, since i'm pregnant...but the ice cream can fill the void, lol :)

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