Saturday, 24 July 2010

Californian Cotton Candy

In our Winter Wonderland issue, we interviewed artist Will Cotton after falling in love with his beautiful artwork. His eerily lifelike paintings had a dreamy, vintage feel so we were so glad to be able to feature him and show his work off to all our readers.

Now it seems that ours weren't the only eyes Cotton's paintings caught. He has most recently created the artwork for the album cover for none other than Miss Katy Perry, as well being art director on her California Gurls video. She fell in love with his work after a friend pointed him out to her. Perry's album
Teenage Dream is out late next month.

What do you all think?

4 love letters:


I think Katy Perry should stop using her fantastic body and looks to sell records.

Because when you listen to her songs they are actually rubbish. If she wasn't as hot she wouldn't of got this far.

The concept and everything for this is beautiful though. Good clean nice work.

charlotte lucy said...

i love it, it would be so easy for her to have just made a video of girls dancing in nothing on a beach, but its risque and cute. perfect.


Unknown said...

His work is pretty awesome

~lisa~ said...

his work is amazing...great read

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