Saturday, 28 August 2010

RIP Corinne Day

We couldn't help but feel sad when we heard earlier today that British fashion photographer Corinne Day had passed away. The photographer lost her fight against the brain tumour she had been battling since being diagnosed last year.

Day is thought to be responsible for Kate Moss' rise to fame and the beginning of the ever popular "waif" look, after photographing the fresh faced model for the cover of British Vogue in 1993.

The pairing continued throughout Day's career and Moss became a close friend as well as a favourite subject.

Our condolences go out to all her friends and family. We know that she will be sorely missed.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Diana Mini Gets a Make-Over...

Photography seems to be having a serious moment right now, and these days we seem to be getting a little sick of crystal clear and stagnant digital images. We want character, we want movement and we want it all with a cheeky retro vibe! One of the best ways to get this from your images is with the cult classic 'Diana' camera, something queen of style Alex Chung has already cottoned on to.

A quick history lesson....

Back in the 1960's a small firm in Hong Kong called 'The Great Wall Plastics Factory' created a cheap plastic camera called the Diana. They sold it for around $1 but even this cheap price couldn't tempt the general public. The camera was discontinued in the 70's and us being the fickle natured beings we are, suddenly decided that posthumously, we loved this camera. It quickly became a cult classic, loved for its quirky and raw images.

Giving the classic style a little make-over the Lomography team have released this pure white version. Minimal, classic, irresistible. Here at Cellardoor, we've fallen a little bit in love * swoon *

By kat Nicholls

Monday, 23 August 2010


It is almost impossible to get a true cinematic experience in this day and age. They say it’s hard to miss something you’ve never had, but we at Cellardoor can’t help feeling a little nostalgia for the 1950’s cinema – paper tickets, creaky flip-down seats and draped velvet curtains all echo a sense of more glamorous, innocent times. It’s hard to get excited about your local Odeon: packed to the brim, littered with crisps and an hour and a half of average trailers...sigh.

It is no wonder, then, that film-lovers are going crazy for the new ‘Secret Cinemas’, a collection of derelict one-off’s showing everything from mainstream to classics to cult.

Our favourite is the ‘Cineroleum’ on Clerkenwell Road – a hand built gem in the heart of nowhere. Petrol garage by day, hand-built cinema by night, this little venue was conceived by a group of young artists whose visionary idea is keeping culture fresh and relevant. Due to extreme popularity, all of August’s screenings are sold out, but you can still buy tickets for September’s showings, including ‘The Band Wagon’, ‘Night of The Living Dead’ and ‘B Movie Night’…

Unfortunately, as the summer draws to a close, so does the Cineroleum, but that just adds to the sense of magic surrounding this timeless creation. So grab tickets while you can!

Other ‘Secret Cinemas’

Aubin Cinema, Shoreditch: Set in centre of trendsville, this little venue shows everything from mainstream to foreign delights that you may not have otherwise heard of.

Portobello pop-up: A non-profit Digital Microplex Cinema set opposite Portobello Green that offers a “Pay-what-you-can-afford” policy. Visit them in September for their "Dystopia" season and the Portobello Film Festival.

The Lexi Cinema: For those who prefer an outdoor experience, this independent cinema is staffed by passionate volunteers and shows modern and past classics.

By Scarlett Philps

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Twins of the Trade

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have remained a constant inspiration for us. Studying photos of their newest daily get-ups is one of our many guilty thrills, and they are constantly buzzing on the tips of fashion followers’ tongues for their distinctive style and fascinating lives.

By 2006, it seemed the twins had achieved everything possible for their young age; actresses, producers, fashion icons and eleventh place on the ‘Richest Women’ list. However, 2006 saw Mary-Kate and Ashley adding ‘fashion designers’ to their huge list of achievements with the launch of their couture line The Row, and contemporary fashion line Elizabeth and James the following year. Named after their siblings, the brand has since grown into a hugely popular fashion line, continuing to bring out new collections each season. The line is aimed at the fashion-conscious individual, who is sophisticated but also loves to dress up and have fun. Fitted blazers with a masculine nature are juxtaposed with feminine, flowing dresses, and everything topped off with a distinctively Olsen vintage feel. The intricate detailing echoes the girls’ knowledge of textiles, and the result is a collection of wearable pieces for the fashion-forward female. A new denim range called Textile coming out this autumn is going to be an exciting addition to the line; fashion bloggers such as Rumi from hugely popular Fashion Toast have modelled samples from the range already. So until the leaves begin to fall, all we can do is lust!

By Zoe Williams

Friday, 20 August 2010

We can be dreamers

We've fallen in love with the work of Cecy Young.
The photographer from Monterrey, Mexico, has a portfolio stuffed with some beatiful images and she's only 22! We think you'll be seeing more of this girl.
Check out more of her work here.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Delightful Summer Sale

You might remember us posting about Delightful Muddle a while back, (If not you can read our interview with Catherine here!)

Since the Summer season is drawing to close, the girls are having a great sale on their vintage summer dresses. With more items being added each week, be sure to check it out!

Catherine say 'We are clearing stock to make way for some fabulous new autumn/winter pieces including sequin jackets and velvet evening dresses as well as more knitwear and leather jackets for a more casual look'

We'll be keeping a close eye on those!

Here's our pick of the sale...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Vintage at Goodwood

As lovers of all things vintage here at Cellardoor, we were intrigued to find out what was in store at Vintage at Goodwood; Britain’s latest and best festival for retro music, fashion, art and culture. Highlights included the amazing array of vintage cars and caravans in pastel colours (literally, a dream mode of transport), music from The Faces and Sandie Shaw as the sun went down, and some people watching over a spot of tea and cake = must-have fashions included fifties tea dresses, forties uniforms, Biba-esque waistcoats, and an array of unusual hats and hairstyles.

Our very own vintage girl Laura Davies, gives us the low down of the newest, and most fashionable festival.

Wandering through the vintage stalls was a bargain hunters paradise and we were particularly taken with the teasets for sale at Mrs Stokes Vintage China, the perfect gift for any retro girl. Instead, due to the wet weather, purchase of the day had to be a Barbour jacket to keep out the afternoon chill (allegedly an essential item for autumn/winter, natch), even if all ideas on buying a gorgeous suede coat had to be abandoned due to the torrential downpour = the downside of the British summer.

he Tanqueray Torch Club offered the perfect shelter from the rain in which to catch a set of live classic forties and fifties music and watch the immaculate couples dancing in their amazing outfits over a glass of Pimms.

Even though the bad weather did put a downer on the day, and there are still some creases to iron out before next year,Vintage at Goodwood had a great atmosphere, and it was nice being around like-minded people, with the opportunity for a spot of shopping, of course. I’m even now planning on signing up for Lindy Hop classes in preparation for next year, when I plan to channel the 1940s look, at least it gives me a year to scour the shops for a suitable outfit.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Dear Sun....

What's happened to the weather... we're supposed to be in August.
We're sorry we moaned about being sweaty.... please come back heat wave.

Love Cellardoor

Friday, 13 August 2010

Lip Service

Remember we talked about the gorgeous FrostFrench and Lipton's pop-up tea boutique in Islington? Well, a few days ago we at Cellardoor were lucky enough to be invited to the designers’ 'Drink Gorgeous Campaign’ press night; the launch of their delicate, LIpton infusions inspired glassware.

Upon entering the teeny tiny FrostFrench Soho store, we were greeted not only by tea lovers and fashionistas but by a completely inspired Alice In Wonderland décor. The window mannequins donned bizarre but intriguing rabbit heads and oversized playing cards hung magically from the ceiling in what was bound to be an interesting evening. The most endearing thing, however, were photographs of the ladies themselves overlapping across the shop walls, along with other inspirational images. (We cooed over the bunny in a tea cup)

Guests chatted and gushed over the loveliness of this new range whilst everything from 70’s funk to the Rolling Stones blared from the DJ booth. Waitresses bustled through the packed venue with crust-less salmon sarnies and delicious ice tea cocktails (all of which we sampled!) and we were able to chat, drink and be merry whilst browsing Frostfrench’s clothes rails.

And finally, the ladies themselves arrived. Life long friends come fashion designers Sadie Frost and Jemima French made a short but sweet speech about the inspiration behind the idea (“we really are combining fashion with tea!”) before posing with their new range for the cameras.

The range sees seven pretty glass tea cups, each with a life-like lip stain print adorning the rim. Each colour represents a different fruity flavour in the Lipton Infusions range and is bound to tickle your taste buds! What girl wouldn’t want to ‘drink gorgeous’?!

By Scarlett Philps

A Parisian Earworm

We cannot wait to see the new movie Gainsbourg and with Jane Birkin as one of our style muses (have a peek here) only seemed right to focus on their daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

With so many actresses and models releasing albums now it seems that Charlotte Gainsbourg is still a well kept secret. Like most of her films her music is beautiful and intelligent, and she's now on to her third album.

Released in January this year, IRM (MRI to us) was written and recorded in the months following a water-skiing accident in 2007 that led to her need
ing emergency brain surgery and sessions inside an MRI machine. She became inspired by the repetitive mechanical noise of the machine as can be seen in this lovely teaser video and with Beck producing, the result is an interesting album filled with great singles. We love having it on in the background when working, give it a try on spotify and we can guarantee you'll fall in love with it!

Model, actress and singer with amazing style... if we didn't have such a crush on her we'd be very jealous!

By Fehmida Norat

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Eat Pray Love takes to the screens...

The eagerly anticipated film adaptation of best-selling book 'Eat Pray Love' kicked off proceedings this week at the films New York Premier. A non-fiction tale of writer Liz Gilbert and her year abroad captured the hearts of millions when it was released in 2006, and looks set to find success once again as screen siren Julia Roberts tackles Liz's complex role on the big screen.

A Quick Plot Outline:

A nasty divorce followed by a nastier affair leads our main character to question who she is. Taking space and time, Liz Gilbert sets off around the world for a year to clear her head and re-discover her true self. Italy becomes destination number one bringing with it a platter of pleasurable pursuits including pizza, pasta, pizza, cheese...oh and did we mention pizza? Heading off to India meditation and spirituality becomes the name of the game as Liz explores a higher power. Finally Bali in Indonesia attracts the unexpected and puts Liz on a completely different path....

Julia Roberts smouldered on the red carpet as Eat Pray Love premièred in New York this week. Wearing a slick Stella McCartney blazer and sultry shorts by Diane Von Furstenberg, Julia made her outfit pop with turquoise jewels. Fans of the book, (ourselves included!) are waiting with baited breath to see if the film can live up to its paper-back predecessor....

NEW YORK - AUGUST 10: Actress Julia Roberts attends the premiere of 'Eat Pray Love' at the Ziegfeld Theatre on August 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

The film is set for release on September 24th so all we can say is... watch this space!

By Kat Nicholls

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Festival Fever

Summer. The season of ice cream, endless days at the beach, road trips to foreign countries, sipping cocktails by the pool, picnics in the park, but above all: festivals. It’s not just because of the music that these events are so popular. Festivals attract young, stylish and free minded people, who come to show and spot the fashionable outfits, dance a little, meet with friends and soak up some sun. But, has it always been like that? Where and when did this “festival craze” start? Let’s look back at three of the most influential festivals ever.

To do that, we have to go way back, all the way to 1969. In this year, the first meaningful festival took place in the town of Bethel, New York, and since Bethel was near the city Woodstock, the festival was called the “Woodstock Music And Art Festival”. It boasted “Three days of peace and music” and the participating artists included Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. The dresscode fitted the hippie era perfectly: Lots of fringes, headbands, feathers and.. peace signs.

The succesor of Woodstock was the “Pilton Festival”, better known as “Glastonbury”. It first organized in 1970, soley by volunteers with the profits being donated to charity and began as a very small event, with only 1500 visitors. At that time, the festival was all about world peace and they fought against nuclear weapons. Nowadays, Glastonbury is all about showing how ‘little time’ you have spent on your outfit and rock chick fashion, so it will not surprise you that Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung are regulars at this event. Must haves = shorts, hats, oversized tanks, bracelets and of course Wellies . Not just because they’re fashionable, they are much needed in the always rainy UK....

Last but not least, there is the “Coachella”. A youngster compared to the others, since the first two day event was held in 1999 and in 2007 it was extended to three days with the added bonus of camping on the grounds. From the beginning, Coachella was just as much about art as it was about music. Every year it features interesting art and sculptures, that attract young, modern people. Coachella climbed the ladder really fast, in the past few years their line-up has become more and more impressive. From Radiohead and The Cure in 2004, to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in 2007 and N*E*R*D, David Guetta and Tiesto in 2010. The fashion at Coachella is also laid back, but softer, much like ‘garden party gone bad’. Spot ;ace tops paired with leather shorts, ruffled dresses with boots and a hippie headband to remind us where it all started: Woodstock. But don’t just take our word for it, celebrities such as Whitney Port, Katy Perry, Pixie Geldof and Kate Bosworth are also big fans.

By Nikita Foe

Friday, 6 August 2010

Cream of the crop

So yesterday Emma Watson unveiled a new do. The Harry Potter star decided to cut her long locks in favour of a new pixie crop. Emma says "it was the most liberating thing!"

We're not so sure we'd be brave enough to go for the chop, but we think we Emma looks lovely.

What do you think?

P.S We've added a little link to our reader survey in the sidebar, so make sure you check it out!

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Hot fashion label Frost French have teamed up with tea company Lipton Infusions to revolutionise shopping for a new generation. Multi-tasking has always been a tool championed by women, and now we can do it in a truly British way by sipping tea as we shop! Frost French have launched a pop-up tea boutique at their flagship store in Islington where shoppers can browse the collection while sampling herbal teas, (for free), by Lipton Infusions. If you like what you taste you can even buy your chosen tea and slip it in the bag with your hot new outfit.

The innovative pop-up tea boutique is also part of the designers 'Drink Gorgeous Campaign' which sees Miss Sadie Frost and Jemima French designing a chic range of infusion inspired glasswear. So if you like your fashion with a side of tea, head down to the boutique for a gorgeously girly day.

Head over to 22-26 Camden Passage

Islington, London, N1 8ED. Tel: 0207 3540053

By Kat Nicholls

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Berlin Fashion Week

Back in July, Berlin held their official Fashion Week and contributor Camilla from Some Kind of Style headed along. Here's her personal round up...

For Spring/Summer 2011 the Designers went all out and showed their beautiful and wonderful collections at Berlin Fashion Week, which took place from July 7th - July 10th 2010.

Dawid Tomaszewski, a Polish-German up and coming fashion artist, invited us to join a romanticised world of adorable long flowing and short ruffled dresses made of fine translucent materials, we could all just dream about. The models just drifted down the catwalk and looked like fairies with their feathery head pieces from a land far far away....

Schumacer presented us a very sophisticated collection that consisted of light fabrics and mostly nude colours. Strapped brown leather bags and belts, to always be prepared for lives fun battles, were added as a necessity accessory. The message was clear, girls can look lovely yet show strength at the same time...

Not to mention the girl-duo, Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad who give both their last names to their label Perret Schaad. The designers showed wonderful and well crafted pieces which included splashes of the colours aquamarine, red and yellow. The Models slightly levitated over the catwalk in a swinging playfulness...

If you happen to be in the city, don’t miss Berlin Fashion Week. It’s a must see for every oh so stylish girl or boy from all around the world. You can feel fresh vibes and beginnings of something more to come for next year…