Friday, 13 August 2010

Lip Service

Remember we talked about the gorgeous FrostFrench and Lipton's pop-up tea boutique in Islington? Well, a few days ago we at Cellardoor were lucky enough to be invited to the designers’ 'Drink Gorgeous Campaign’ press night; the launch of their delicate, LIpton infusions inspired glassware.

Upon entering the teeny tiny FrostFrench Soho store, we were greeted not only by tea lovers and fashionistas but by a completely inspired Alice In Wonderland d├ęcor. The window mannequins donned bizarre but intriguing rabbit heads and oversized playing cards hung magically from the ceiling in what was bound to be an interesting evening. The most endearing thing, however, were photographs of the ladies themselves overlapping across the shop walls, along with other inspirational images. (We cooed over the bunny in a tea cup)

Guests chatted and gushed over the loveliness of this new range whilst everything from 70’s funk to the Rolling Stones blared from the DJ booth. Waitresses bustled through the packed venue with crust-less salmon sarnies and delicious ice tea cocktails (all of which we sampled!) and we were able to chat, drink and be merry whilst browsing Frostfrench’s clothes rails.

And finally, the ladies themselves arrived. Life long friends come fashion designers Sadie Frost and Jemima French made a short but sweet speech about the inspiration behind the idea (“we really are combining fashion with tea!”) before posing with their new range for the cameras.

The range sees seven pretty glass tea cups, each with a life-like lip stain print adorning the rim. Each colour represents a different fruity flavour in the Lipton Infusions range and is bound to tickle your taste buds! What girl wouldn’t want to ‘drink gorgeous’?!

By Scarlett Philps

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Jaymie said...

mmm i love lipton icetea, this had made me want a mango flavoured one!

Unknown said...

I want one of those cups!!
Actually scrap that, I want the whole set!!

Is This Real Life? said...

ah this looks like the cutest event, looks like lots of fun was had!

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