Monday, 23 August 2010


It is almost impossible to get a true cinematic experience in this day and age. They say it’s hard to miss something you’ve never had, but we at Cellardoor can’t help feeling a little nostalgia for the 1950’s cinema – paper tickets, creaky flip-down seats and draped velvet curtains all echo a sense of more glamorous, innocent times. It’s hard to get excited about your local Odeon: packed to the brim, littered with crisps and an hour and a half of average trailers...sigh.

It is no wonder, then, that film-lovers are going crazy for the new ‘Secret Cinemas’, a collection of derelict one-off’s showing everything from mainstream to classics to cult.

Our favourite is the ‘Cineroleum’ on Clerkenwell Road – a hand built gem in the heart of nowhere. Petrol garage by day, hand-built cinema by night, this little venue was conceived by a group of young artists whose visionary idea is keeping culture fresh and relevant. Due to extreme popularity, all of August’s screenings are sold out, but you can still buy tickets for September’s showings, including ‘The Band Wagon’, ‘Night of The Living Dead’ and ‘B Movie Night’…

Unfortunately, as the summer draws to a close, so does the Cineroleum, but that just adds to the sense of magic surrounding this timeless creation. So grab tickets while you can!

Other ‘Secret Cinemas’

Aubin Cinema, Shoreditch: Set in centre of trendsville, this little venue shows everything from mainstream to foreign delights that you may not have otherwise heard of.

Portobello pop-up: A non-profit Digital Microplex Cinema set opposite Portobello Green that offers a “Pay-what-you-can-afford” policy. Visit them in September for their "Dystopia" season and the Portobello Film Festival.

The Lexi Cinema: For those who prefer an outdoor experience, this independent cinema is staffed by passionate volunteers and shows modern and past classics.

By Scarlett Philps

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Unknown said...

Oh wow! This is perfect for someone like me.

I've really developed a phobia of going to the cinema. The amount of people talking, eating and just being loud, really puts me off.

Thanks for sharing this - I will def make an effort to go!

Sarah Betty xx

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