Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Happy Birthday Mint Velvet

It was tea and cakes all round at the preview of Mint Velvet’s new collection and to celebrate their first birthday. Held in a charming café just off the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street we were greeted with a choice of tea, champagne or the most delicious mint lemonade I’ve ever tasted. Alongside this was a selection of dainty cakes from cupcakes to teeny tiny brownies. Yummy.

Whilst our tastebuds were being tickled with these delights, we had a chance to sneak a peek at the new range, which is gorgeous. From buttery soft leather jackets to lace dresses, this is a collection to drool over. In the muted smoky greys, khakis and caramels of the season, the clothes were subtle but none the less desirable.
Our absolute favourite piece was a gorgeous soft grey sheepskin coat. Falling at hip level, this was the most stroke-able coat and wearing it would be like giving yourself a hug in the cold mornings of winter. We couldn’t stop touching it and at a very reasonable £120 it is most definitely on our autumn wishlists. We loved this collection and will certainly be keeping an eye on them in the future.

By Amy Peck

2 love letters:

amie k said...

wonderful! Love the whole look!
and the cakes...yum!


I V Y said...

yay happy birthday minty velvet! yummy clogs.

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