Saturday, 18 September 2010

The moment you've been waiting for!

So it's finally here...

After a very busy two months, the new issue is now ready for your eyes to feast on. Perfect timing with the cold snap we're now having. So, why don't you grab a mug of hot chocolate, get back under your duvet and savour each page.

There's no point going out when you've got all theses beautiful pages to look at!
Read on for our interview with Kat - our favourite Skins girl, songstress Lizzy Pattinson and Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds. Oh, and if those weren't enough to tempt you, we've also got some yummy recipes, a snoop into some more of your houses and the best of the A/W trends!


2 love letters:

Aimee said...

From one online mag to another, this is a great issue of cellardoor!

Tara & Aimee, Editors OTM Webzine

Hannah said...

This is the first issue I've read and I think I'd better cancel all my plans for the next few weeks so I can read the entire archive.

I found all the interviews in there so inspiring (something I really need right now) and the editorials were gorgeous.

Thank you for commenting on my blog and introducing yourselves. If there is ever any opportunity to get involved in anything... Reviews, readers things, events, anything, I would be very grateful.

Apologies for how gushy this sounds but I really did enjoy reading it haha xx

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