Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Homemade is Best

The Cellardoor team ventured to Ikea at the weekend and being surrounded by lots of lovely things really got us inspired. We've already planned out our dream office, living room, kitchen.... now we just need to go and claim that Euro Millions win. Pah... us girls can dream.

Speaking of Ikea, we've recently come across this cute little baking book from the Swedish dream company. The 140 page coffee-table book presented in a very visually unique and spectacular way, and we instantly fell in love... not to mention the lovely pink cover.

Ikea says "90% of all the photographs taken in baking books look extremly alike. We wanted to try something different and present the recipes in a totally new fashion.The idea of the book became to tone down the actual cake and put the ingredients in focus. The recipes are presented as graphic still-life portraits on a warm and colourful stage. And when you turn the page you see the fantastic result."

The result really is stunning, and we were bowled over buy the simple photographs and clean layout and all the ingredients are styled in a fun way. The book contains 30 classic swedish baking recipes with everything from small biscuits to large cakes. So what are you waiting for.. lets gets cooking.

4 love letters:

Kat said...

Love this :) xx

Joana Faria said...

This is so lovely. I adore it.

daisychain said...

Ohh I need that book!

Natasha said...

Despite having just eaten breakfast, I am suddenly hungry after reading this post ;-) xxx


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