Thursday, 18 November 2010

If I Were You

With so many talented illustrators out there it is hard for us to pin point one at a time to share with you, but we think you will agree that when you stumble upon Sandra Deikmans work, you do just stop for a minute and say... wow!

Sandra moved to London in 2002 in search of 'new adventures and further education' but she is originally from Germany. The majority of her work is inspired by animals but also has a fashion vibe to her mixed media illustrations. Along with her blog she has set up many an exiting illustration project, which include the 'If I were you' project and 'Haus stories'. We just cant get enough of her!'

By Fritha Strickland

3 love letters:

Katie said...

Lovely work! Really unusual and fun.

Iyaz Khan said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Monnika Jacob said...

I have spent time with a lot of talented artists at the university which is why I now do amateur painting myself after working at Coursework Writing Services. Can you please share some more work here?

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