Sunday, 21 November 2010

Moments in Music

The leaves have fallen, the fireworks have finished and the Christmas Coca Cola Advert has made it's first appearance. This time of year brings with it many pleasures. We splash out on a new coat even though we have four perfectly good ones, we wear those gloves that aren't the warmest but go with everything and for many of us the pleasure in this season lies with the music. Not the generic Christmas songs that we hear every year but new fresh material that can bring a festive feeling to even the biggest Grinch.

This week it seems that there are two songs that evoke this lovely warming sensation. The first is an old classic by a young up and coming "starry eyed" vocalist. Covering the material of a legend can be problematic however this rendition of Elton John's "Your Song" is a respectful adaptation of a great love song. Ellie Goulding has abandoned her previous electronic sound and shown a vulnerable softer side with simply her haunting voice and a piano. The song is a true example of what amazing material can be created when a talented individual favours simplicity over auto-tune. Recorded forty years ago it's going to be an anthem for lovers all over again this Winter.

Finally another song that makes the frost and the dark nights bareable is from a band that has been fairly quiet since "Hey There Delilah" in 2008. Plain White T's new track "Rhythm of Love" is a combination of gentle acoustic guitar and familiar strong vocals from lead singer Tom Higgenson. Romantic lyrics, simple vocals and a catchy beat are sure to be a hit.

So when you grab your coat and gloves don't forget the most important accessory this Winter your iPod!

By Katie Russell

4 love letters:

Danniella - GoodnightWinter said...

Great!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you! "Your Song" is a great winter song :)

anna said...

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Thomas More said...

Whenever some ask me who is your favorite singer so I ask directly that Ellie Goulding's, and her song Love me like you do is one of my favorite song, when I I am bored to delivering the web content writing service I play this song and then Yeah my mood is change, I am a biggest fan of Ellie Goulding's voice.

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