Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Stylish Sounds

As fashion and music lovers we’ve decided to combine the two and make a brand new feature on the blog. We have a huge admiration for new musicians who have their own brilliantly quirky style. When a new band or musician are starting out it’s all about getting their image across, being memorable in the eyes of the public. Case point - Lady GaGa. OK, so not everyone is as daring as GaGa but these musicians love having their own signature style.

Our first girl is Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds. At just 25, the husky-voiced singer is being compared to songstresses such as Kate Bush and although she isn’t exactly new talent or unheard of - having come second to Ellie Goulding in the BBC Sound of 2010 poll - this is one girl we absolutely love.

She has her own style which is somewhere between new wave, experimental and ladylike, sometimes all at once. And her public appearances display this just as well as her music videos. Our favourite of her music videos though, which we think shows off her style perfectly, is Oh No.

It reminds us of an episode of Zzzapp from the 90s with insanely catchy lyrics and beats to go with it. All in all we love Miss Diamandis and can’t wait to see what she brings us next.

You can read her interview in Cellardoor's latest issue here

By Rachel Charlton

3 love letters:

Megan Blair said...

oh No love that video sort of persuaded to get a PVC dress like in the video and run around with UV lipstick on :)
marina and the diamonds is one of the best british acts to form recently

Kirsty said...

You guys should check out The Like - cool band with an amazing 60s mod style. Thanks for your comment on FORTY FOUR SUNSETS btw, please follow! xx

Louder Than Silence said...

Oh I love Marina, especially in her Yang Du dress - so cute and quirky!

Thanks for the comment.

Sally x
Louder Than Silence

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