Friday, 26 November 2010

Stylish Sounds

Our next instalment comes in the form of a fresh girl band with a retro feel

The Like are a four piece indie rock band from California, but to look at them you’d think they spent their days in Camden or Carnaby street in the 60s. From left to right they are Annie, Tennessee, “Z” Berg (real name Elizabeth) and Laena. And thanks to Z’s from the heart almost therapeutic writing the girls are fast becoming known for their edgy sound and punchy lyrics.

He’s not a boy- the like

It seems they’re starting a new trend in gigs, bringing it back to the old fashion values when people dressed up to go dancing. Z told Company magazine “At gigs, everyone comes dolled up. Girls tend to wear black and white with lace and boys wear suits, it’s cute!”

Their style is much as part of the job as the music for the girls and it’s not something they rush into lightly, Tennessee picks outfits that subtly co-ordinate but represent each of the girls’ personalities, Tennessee herself even ended up in A&E in a Beehive related concussion during their first video shoot, she explains “I hit my head so many times I had to go to A&E in tears with my huge beehive and plastic things sticking out of it!”

The Like’s album, Release Me is out now.

By Rachel Charlton

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chloehford said...

I like the like too! I just featured them in my few things friday post last week!

Chloe... x

Cait said...

I LOVE The Like! I saw them play a few months ago and they are amazing live!

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