Sunday, 5 December 2010

It's Nearly That Time of the Year Again

Yes it's only just turned December, but already there's hype surrounding the festive season when Santa comes to town! Passing out on the sofa, a belly full of turkey and plonk, the eccentric Uncle declaring his love for Nigella Lawson's stuffing, and the Grandparents merrier than ever after their annual port and sherry concoction.... seems like it only occurred yesterday. But the stores are decked out for the big day already, and here at Cellardoor we're anxious to decide what to wear on this joyous day?

Now i know you're thinking some elastic waist trousers and a maternity style top would do the trick nicely, after you've divulged enough festive food to sink a battle ship, but this year we're embracing the craze that's hit the high-street... Knit. We're not saying we want you to resemble Bridget Jones in that fetching Reindeer christmas jumper, oh no.... we're thinking sumptuous angora knits with a subtle hint of Christmas, teamed with a skinny jean and sizeable wedge shoe, possibly a bow in the hair for a delicate feminine touch. Magazines like to encourage you to dress in sparkles and glitz on the 25th, but we think there's something oddly attractive about a good old-fashioned knit. So get on the hunt for yours! 

Skier print cropped jumper from Love Label

Cranberry coloured Reindeer print from Topshop

Fair Isle knit from ASOS

Belted Reindeer cardigan from New Look

Snowflake print from Zara

By Rosie Bee

6 love letters:

Anonymous said...

Loving all the Fair Isle prints. That jumper from Zara is gorgeous x

Hatty Bell said...

Knitted jumpers are definately on my xmas list! All these jumpers are so cute, they look so cosy!

daisychain said...

LOVE the topshop one!

Daria Hlazatova said...

oh how lovely! i want ALL of them!!! thanks for sharing this cosiness :)

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kang bo said...

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