Thursday, 27 January 2011

Coffee Table Book Fantasy

It’s still grim and cold and we find ourselves crawling onto the sofa, drinking hot coco and reading the latest über-chic Vogue Paris to whisk us away on a journey far from the horrible weather. More recently, we've devoured the gorgeous coffee table wonder entitled ‘Impressionism’, a two-volume set of books published by Taschen. The beauty of impressionist paintings simply took our breath away – and our minds off the daily routine! 

Painters of that era sure knew how to make scenery romantic and whimsical. Renoir, Manet, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet and Matisse among many others were pure geniuses who simply used to transport their visual idea on a canvas. How detailed and intrinsic that image was! The use of colours, texture and juxtaposition of painting techniques is extraordinary and it feels as though these masterpieces are not rewarded enough for their brilliant performances. This beauty is divided into volumes: impressionism in France and Impressionism in Europe and North America. As we flick through gently the pages, we literally feel as if we're traveling within the artists’ works, while reading through the evolution of this era and how it came about. 

A sumptuous encyclopedia-like publication that’s'one of the best buys we've ever gotten!
Available from Amazon for £21.

By Tania Al-Farouki

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely book set and I am a big fan of coffee table books. Though many of mine are on designers and photographers... but this may make me step away and try something new.

I would love to contribute to the magazine, as I really enjoyed the last issue.. the fashion photography was beautiful. Look forward to the next issue x

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