Saturday, 22 January 2011

Good Enough to Eat

The correlation between food and fashion is a noteworthy one. There are some cuisines, dishes and ingredients that are mere fads, lasting as long as it takes for you to find out their true nutritional content and others that become staples to one's diet. We eat to feel good in addition to the fact that it, well, keeps us alive and all that good stuff. Food is as much a necessity and as emotionally binding as clothing which makes it all the more appropriate to draw gastronomic inspiration from the world of fashion.

Penning a food focused blog, I am always looking at ways to incorporate food into unique aspects of our daily lives. While browsing the runways of the Spring 2011 RTW collections, my mouth watered and inspired many a dish.

Why it works: This outfit and dish has clear colour similarities starting with the red apple  - a dietary staple that mirrors the spirit of the paisley print, introduced to Europe in the 17th century and emerging in near every decades trends. The fringed edges of the dress have the free form of the leaves of the watercress and greens - by giving an air of whimsy it takes the edge off a 'serious' print. I never take my starter's seriously..I tend to give them free reign in preparation for the 'seriousness' of a main course. Therefore, the free-spiritedness of this dress reflects well the freeness what one can and should employ with their starter dish.

Why it works: This Sesame-Ginger Salmon en Papillote is mouth-watering just to look at! 'En Papillote' means in paper, a basic technique for steaming fish or vegetables. This method is a visually and gustatory treat, making everyday ingredients special and tender in ways that other cooking methods don't allow. Mains is a reliable dish, something that can be eaten without introduction { a starter } and that will satisfy. This Sesame-Ginger Salmon en Papillote employs Asian spices - giving the dish a kick that takes it over the edge of being 'just another fish dish'.
In a similar way this outfit by Marc Jacobs for the Spring 2011 collection is a testimony of staple elements with a little something extra. The shirt instantly reminded me of the 'Papillote' / paper while the bold red horizontal lines on the skirt literally mirrored the sliced peppers. A knee length skirt, a button down shirt - staples for any self respecting girl's closet, but Marc being Marc, there is a little something more to give the outfit a kick. Subtle pleating on the waist and a obi sash style belt add an interesting exoticism. 

Why it works: I love the idea of WD-50, dubbed a molecular gastronomy restaurant in NYC, it presents food and ingredients in ways that defy convention { poached egg columns anyone?? }. This Lemongrass mousse, brown sugar, jack fruit, whole wheat sorbet is made up of words and flavours that sound like a regular dessert..but presented in an aesthetically and textural way that is anything but regular.
Alexander McQueen is synonymous with out of the ordinary. I was immediately taken in with the beauty and delicate nature of this stunning floor length gown, but then closer inspection raised some questions: Is the top strategically glued on, are those strips of fabric forming the skirt? And my, oh my are those hips exaggerated or what?? Nevertheless, I love it. It's like a regular fairytale princess slightly off-kilter but still with an element of sweetness. 

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