Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Nosey Parker

We like nothing more than snooping through other peoples houses [virtually of course] and making a mental scrapbook of our dream homes, so we were blown away when we found The Coveted. Much like The Selby, the site is a full of dreamy interiors but takes a closer look into some of our favourite fashion insiders' closets. 

Each person reveals not only the wonderful treats that lay behind their front doors, but also the inspiration behind them. We love hovering over each image and reading the little story that each one tells. The perfect way to waste an hour... or two!

Fashion News Director, Teen Vogue

3 love letters:

Tess Atkinson said...

Love this website! The photographs are always beautiful too. Also, I adore the Sunday Girl accessories that I found from your page! I'm going to get the bunting necklace as it's laaavely! x

christina said...

oh, so pretty. the coveted is great-- they're inviting us into their homes so it's okay to snoop, right?

love the cellardoor winter issue!

Unknown said...

So in love with everything about this blog! xo

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