Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Put A Spring In Your Step

Spring, it seems, is just around the corner. It may only be February, but all our favourite high street stores are filled to the brim with floaty tops, bikinis and sunglasses a-plenty. And whilst it may be slightly premature to start slapping on the sun cream and floppy hats, the time has certainly come to embrace those springtime prints and patterns. Goosebump-enducing tees may not be called for just yet, but we can sure make an effort with some floral footwear! Here’s a pick of the best springtime shoes out there at the minute, colourful, bright and sure to put a spring in your step.

Asos Floral Brogues  - £35.00 

Forever21 Daisy Stud Heeled Clogs - £24.80
H&M Floral Wedges - £14.99
Asos Floral Lace Up Boot - £45
Topshop Mischa Pumps  - £28
Miss Selfridge Floral Lace Up shoe - £20

By Danni Slater

6 love letters:

Solange Garnier said...

They're all so cute! My shopping list's growing by the minute (maybe I shouldn't thank you...) ;)

Michelle May said...

I have (and love!) those Asos floral boots. They have a heel so they make that clicky sound when I walk...which makes me happy ha :)

Fashion Fantasist said...

What pretty florals!!! Ah Spring!!! :) xxx www.fashionfantasist.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Ooh I can´t wait for spring, and these pieces are so gorgeous! :-)


Frances Barrett said...

Aha floral footwear is the way forward, definitely tide us over until warmer weather!

Sara said...

Love all of these!

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