Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Festival Fever

Its come round to that time of year again, getting up at 8am and waiting eagerly at your laptop for the tickets to the festivals of your choice go on sale. We fully understand that excitement you get in your stomach thats almost too much to handle. Then the feeling that yes! the ticket is yours!

Tents and music aside, something we know is equally as important is your festival wardrobe. Now is the time to wear what ever you feel like and push the boundaries of your usual summer attire. Denim short shorts, vest tops, wellington boots and brightly coloured rain macs are basic essentials along with the occasional straw hat and a bit of fancy dress.


We believe that festival fashion is almost as exciting as the event its self and a stand out festival chic look will have all eyes on you no matter if its pouring with rain or bright sunshine. So get your bits and pieces together everyone and get ready for your weekends of festival activities. We will see you there.

By Nadine Blagdon

5 love letters:

Danni said...

Wonderful post - got me all excited for festival season now! x

Libertad said...

I loe festivals <3 I'm attending some spanish festivals this summer; if you need some pictures of lovely festival-girls or reviews, ask me ;3

Anonymous said...

I've got my ticket for Glasto and I'm so excited! Katie x

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go to festival :( I have a bad back so sleeping in a tent on less than flat ground is like torture for me. Oh well, I'll just have to look at the pictures of everyones amazing outfits.


Unknown said...

love this! Festivle Chic is key! In the US Coachella is the big festivle. I really want to go this year!

love from San Francisco,


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