Saturday, 26 March 2011

Weekend Inspiration

So the weather man told us that Spring is on it's way. We want to believe him, and judging by the gorgeous sunshine we've seen this week he may be right. 
Good job the Spring issue of Cellardoor is just around the corner, will that tempt you Mr Sunshine? We thought as much. Here's some inspiration to keep you going until then. 

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6 love letters:

Danni said...

oh my GOD that dog is too cute. Screensaver? i think so x

Charis said...

Love the bike... & the dusky pink outfit. Too gorgeous.

Gemma said...

Love the spring inspired post and can't wait for the next issue of the magazine!

Anonymous said...

Lovely selection of images. The bicycle is a "ghost bike" which means a rider was killed in that spot. When that happens a bike is painted all white and bolted in place as a memorial. This one looks like a loving tribute with the pretty flowers attached.

Fashion Fantasist said...

Wonderful! Really like the hues of these images - am feeling very pastel-y this spring! xxx

alexx said...

Wow, I was about to say how cute the white bike is, I had no idea about 'ghost bikes', feels quite eerie thinking about it. But it does look beautiful. I hope it doesn't become vandalized!

On another note - love the jars in the bottom picture!

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