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Meet..... The Velvet Bow

We're back with another Meet the Blogger post, and this time we looked down under for inspiration from the lovely Jessie over at The Velvet Bow. Her style is as she describes, very British with an abundance of peter pan collars, brogues, cute floral dresses, 60's winged eyeliner and satchel bags. Although we've not seen many bows! Read on to find out more about Jessie...

Ok, first up who is The Velvet Bow? 
The Velvet Bow is me, Jessie: a 21 year old journalism student hailing from sunny Perth, Australia with two devon rex cats, a collection of leopard coats and an addiction to charity shops. The Velvet Bow is my personal style journal where I share my outfits, travel adventures, DIY's, thrifting successes, coveted items, style inspiration and other bits and bobs. Vintage charm, quirk and whimsy are words which I think describe it best.

How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the  
first place? 
I just celebrated the first birthday of my blog which really made me appreciate how much it has changed since I typed my first post! It began out of a passion for putting words together and the desire to carve out a little place for myself online where I could practise my writing and muse about anything and everything. Gradually it evolved into a fashion-focused blog and became more personal as time went on. I really liked the idea of having an online portfolio of sorts for when I began working as a journalist, but even before that the blog has brought so many opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise had. It's been such a fun year!

What inspires your blog posts?
These days I find most of my inspiration by reading other blogs. There are so many unique voices out there and in particular as a devoted vintage lover I feel like I have finally found my inspirational niche online with the number of other old-world loving lasses on the blogosphere. Away from the online world, Zooey Deschanel is my ultimate style icon and I am always finding inspiration in what she wears. I also get inspired by the little things in life, whether it's a new blank notebook, finding a hidden gem at a charity store, browsing through photos on weheartit, re-ordering my wardrobe, or even the weather! Rainy days are my best writing days.

How would you describe your style?
I'm an old fashioned girl at heart and I love everything vintage. My style can sometimes come off as a bit granny-chic but I take that as a compliment! The 60's are by far my favourite decade for the minidresses, false eyelashes and fabulous hats. I'm all about making old things new and re-appropriating items, so often I'll find things in charity stores and alter them to make them a bit more fresh. Whatever it is I'm wearing you can count on it being very girly, whimsical and sometimes a bit childish - until recently I didn’t even own a pair of pants.

What three items can you not live without?
A great vintage dress, my Salvatore Ferragamo 'Vara' shoes and lashings of winged eyeliner, 60's-style.

What do you get up to when you're not blogging?
I study journalism full time and work part time, but I am trying to get my break into the wide world of magazines by writing as much as possible. Outside of that I love getting dolled up in vintage garb and going out swing dancing. It's an old school form of partner dancing with styles from the 20's through to 50's where the girl gets thrown about a bit and is best done to a live jazz band. And then I do vintage clothing markets from time to time which will soon turn into selling online too. I also adore singing but that has taken a bit of a back seat lately due to a time restraints.

Tell us something no one else knows about you...
It's hard because I am a very open book! Something not many people know yet is that I'm seriously considering moving to London for six months next year because I can't get my mind off the place since visiting in the winter and think I should live more spontaneously.

And lastly as the Spring issue is about to be released, what's your favourite thing about this season?
I like that its still perfect weather for a coat (my favourite type of clothing) but not so cold that many layers are required. Also even though we are in Autumn now in the southern hemisphere, Spring in Australia means wildflower season which is really something special.

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