Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend Inspiration

Stripes are a perennial classic all year round. From shirts to flags; trousers to cupcakes, they’re everywhere. This means that to us a stripe can signify many different things- romance, travel, creativity, control, power. With stripes you can create a whole new mood in an outfit without even realising.  A classic stripe can update some of the more outlandish new spring styles. Bright clashing blocks of colour can be brought back down to earth with the addition of a stripe or two. Feeling the need to tame your 70’s flares? Add a staple Breton top or a striped accessory and you’re brought right back to your own decade. 

And even stripes themselves are a trend this year. We loved Prada’s bold stripes, which gave the pattern a new lease of life that’s never been seen before. The collection proved stripes can be fun too! So we say enjoy your stripes, and wear them creatively. Because they might just be the best part of your outfit!

By Michaela Lock

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