Saturday, 16 April 2011

Weekend Inspiration

Denim is an essential material in everyone’s wardrobe, one we wear practically every day. Come summer or winter, denim shorts are a staple. Perfect for a casual outfit or for dressing down an overly smart look, denim shorts evoke a feeling of individuality and freedom (even if you and basically every other girl in town are wearing them). They say bohemian free spirit, giving off a Sienna-ish vibe that’s totally Shangri-La or 60’s hippy commune. 

So whether you prefer a classic look or one with a punk/hippy/indie edge, denim shorts give you the ability to be yourself, whatever you pair with them. So wear them your way, and let your personality shine through. 

By Michaela Lock

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Unknown said...

Ohhh, great inspiration! Love, love, love denim shorts!! xxxxx

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