Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Storybook Rabbit

We couldn't resist sharing the cute offerings from The Storybook Rabbit. We've fallen head over heels for their hand-painted vintage plates, and desperately want some to hang on our walls. Her adorable illustrations [mostly featuring ... you guessed it- rabbits] are transferred on to the plates to create a unique piece of art - well you wouldn't want to eat off of such a thing of beauty would you.

Check out the rest of their designs here

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

When I grow up...

We must admit we’re a bit nosy - so carrying on our ‘When I Grow Up...’ features, we’ve interviewed Antonia Kraskowski, junior stylist at the Daily Express, for the details on her exciting job and how she got there. Enjoy!

Have you always been interested in fashion? My parents both have fashion-oriented careers so I guess it’s permeated from a young age - there were always copies of Vogue lying around when I was younger, although I went through a few years when my parents were convinced I’d be an engineer because I was always building things.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry? I originally worked as a costume assistant in films and television on and off since I was 16. I was in-between projects and wondering what to do with myself when the opportunity came up to do a one month placement in the fashion cupboard at a magazine. After the first day, I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to do. 

What made you go into styling? I’ve always loved clothes - when I was little, I used to spend my half terms stapling bin bags onto mannequins to make elaborate dresses or in my dad’s workshop making earrings. These days, my love of clothes is less DIY and more bulging wardrobes. I get great pleasure out of playing with clothes and I think that if you can turn your greatest pleasure into your profession then that’s the best thing in the world.

Describe your average day? No two days are the same in my workplace - some days I’ll spend the whole time firing off emails requesting samples, researching stories and generally tied to my computer while others I might spend a morning waist high in samples editing a story that I’ll shoot in the afternoon. Working for a newspaper is very fast-paced and you need to be fairly flexible because you never know what’ll happen in the next hour.

What do you think is the most important factor in getting a job/ internship in the fashion industry?  I think a good work ethic will take you a long way. It’s all very well turning up to the office in an outfit worthy of i-D but if you can’t walk to the photocopier in your killer heels, it’s not a good start. You’ve got to be prepared to pitch in and be very, very determined. Once you do a good job at one internship, word gets around and you’ll find a lot of doors to new opportunities will open up. 

What were your motivations behind starting your blog, Thirty DaysI’ve blogged on and off since I was 15. I was actually doing a shoe clear out and I’d taken photos of all of my shoes in categories before and after the cull. When I showed people at work the following on Monday, someone commented that I had enough shoes to wear a different pair every day for a month and I thought it’d be a fun, one-off challenge and that I’d document it for my friends as well as it being a way of sharpening my writing skills which had been somewhat neglected since I’d left university. I never thought it would develop in the way that it has and that I’d still be doing it a year later.

Do you see yourself continuing your career in fashion? Definitely. My friends and I sometimes play the ‘what would you do if you weren’t doing what you’re doing’ game and I honestly draw a blank every time.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into the fashion industry? It’s a tough industry to get your foot in the door but persistence is the key. Work hard and people will notice.

 By Michaela Lock

Monday, 23 May 2011

Crafty Fox

We're huge fans of the girls at Honestly... WTF and their fantastic DIY's so we couldn't keep them to ourselves any longer. 

The seventies trend is back with a vengeance, and the flared leg jean is set to creep back into our wardrobes. Luckily the girl show us how we can transform our faithful skinnies to take on the trend.. and it's so simple to do!

You’ll need:
- a pair of skinny jeans
- scrap denim or fabric
- a pair of scissors
- a seam ripper
- a sewing machine
- a ruler

Start by opening up the outer seams of each leg with the seam ripper. Stop at around 18 inches or right below the knee.

Fold the scrap denim or fabric in half lengthwise and draw a diagonal line measuring the length of the open seam plus 2 inches. Adjust the width to your liking: the wider the base of the triangle, the wider the bell. Cut along the line. Repeat the step to make 2 identical triangular panels.

Pin one side of the triangular panel to an open seam. Starting at the bottom hem, sew a straight stitch with a half inch inseam. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can try hand sewing with a thread and needle. After sewing one side, pin the other side. Trim any excess fabric. Repeat the same step on the other leg

Your bell bottoms are finished! The girl's even tried adding some contrasting fabric panels too. 

So what are you waiting for... get crafty! 

All images courtesy of Honestly... WTF

Friday, 20 May 2011

Mad about Macaroons

As a massive Francophile's we love Paris and one of our favourite hangouts in the City of Light is the magnificent Ladurée salon. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard the news that a brand new Ladurée was opening in the heart of London. Famed for their vast array of jewel coloured macaroons, elegant packaging and wonderfully opulent décor, the newest outpost doesn’t disappoint. A relaxing refuge from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, there is a shop on the ground floor while the second floor boasts two cosy rooms, The Artist Studio and The Traveller’s Tearoom as well as a bar. It’s also open until 11pm Monday to Saturday and 10.30pm on Sundays, offering a chic alternative to a noisy bar for your next rendevous. Fantastique!

By Amy Peck

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Prized Possessions

If your house was on fire, what would you take with you? It's a question we've often pondered on.. would it be our stack of vintage Vogues, those precious photo's or even good old tatty ted. Well, Foster Harrington is also pretty curious to know what we'd all scurry out with with The Burning House project. 

 The idea is simple - all you have to do is decide decide what you'd take, then take a picture of the items you'd take and submit them here .

 "It's a conflict between what's practical, valuable, and sentimental," he says. "What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question."

What would you take with you?

Here's some of our favourite submissions so far! 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Summer Lovin

So Madewell have stolen our hearts once again with their new collection. We love the laidback summer vibe with a casual mix of denim, plaid and loose fit tees. The perfect attire for a lazy summer weekend. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stitched Up

So it appears that stitching is back in Vogue.. quite literally! We're in awe of the talented Inge Jacobsena photography student at Kingston University, who has recreated some Vogue covers using the art of cross stitch and we think you'll agree that the result is just stunning. 

"I start the covers by making holes with a needle; this prevents the paper getting too damaged when I start sewing it. This can take a few hours depending on the cover. Then it's a case of very carefully cross-stitching the whole thing," explains Jacobsen. 

We love how the covers are now made into unique pieces of art, with just the help of a little bit of thread. We've come over all crafty!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Time for Tea

If you find yourself in London this weekend and have a spare half hour, pop into Camellia’s Teahouse, in Soho. Tucked down the legendary Carnaby Street, Camellia’s is afternoon tea with a twist. Neither stuffy and traditional nor commercialised and boring, Camellia’s is a perfect blend of vintage settings, expertise knowledge and a damned good cup of tea.

And if you turn your nose up at the words ‘…milk and two sugars’ then fear not. With over 120 different blends of tea – each blended on site by former homeopath Lubna and her brother Ajit – there is something for even the most hard-to-please palettes. Past visitors to the shop include Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Amy Winehouse, and when Japanese popstar Chinatsu Wakatsuki popped in, she loved it so much that it is now included in Japanese guidebooks to London.

If you can’t make it down to the capital then fear not – the shop has a fantastic website, which lists all the health benefits of the numerous teas (which, btw, all have fabulous names – Skinny Bitch, Bobby Marley and Lord of the Dance being a few personal favourites). They are also available to buy on-line – so if you fancy something a bit different in your teacup then log on!

Find out more here and follow on then on Twitter here

By Katie Byrne

Monday, 9 May 2011

Paint the Town


How cute are these bottles... and the best thing is they're really easy to make! We're always looking for new ways to brighten up our rooms so these pastel coloured bottles seemed like the perfect answer. 

All you need to do is find some nice shaped bottles, remove the labels, clean the inside and let them dry out completely. 

Next, pour a good size dollop of paint into the bottom of the bottle then slowly rotate the bottle so that it covers the entire interior. We recommend using two coats, and don't worry about using glass paint, acrylic is fine (as long as you don't fill it with water afterwards!)

Then just let it dry thoroughly and then you can sit back and admire your handywork!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Meet... Me and My Polar Bear

We love spending some of our free time scrolling through our favourite blogs and Emily's is definitely one of our go to sites. Describing herself as "A 25 year old lover of baking, dresses and shoes" she's pretty much a girl after our own hearts. Read on to find out more.

Ok, first up who is Me and My Polar Bear? I am a 25 year old Londoner, originally from Yorkshire, who spends far too much money on clothes, bakes a lot, is desperately trying to learn to sew and takes full advantage of her boyfriend's photography obsession (and website coding abilities, ahem).

How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place? Although an avid reader of style and lifestyle blogs for many years, I only actually started mine up about six months ago. I work in finance during the day, so I love being able to write about pretty things I've seen, things I've made and places I've been. And the fact that people are actually reading it makes me pull my socks up and keep blogging!

What inspires your blog posts? I'm constantly inspired by all sorts of other blogs, of all genres and although I love fashion, my blog is quite personal and not totally style focused. Having said that, I manage to mention dresses fairly often and shoes are a massive weakness. Lots of my posts are simply inspired by trips I've made and things I love.

How would you describe your style? If I could, I'd wear dresses all the time. I'm definitely a simple dresser, fond of clean lines and classic shapes. I'm hopeless with accessories, I just can't carry them off.

What three items can you not live without? Errm, super hard! My iPhone is a definite, a good mascara (although I chop and change which I like) and a pretty pair of shoes I can walk a long way in.

What do you get up to when you're not blogging? Amongst other things I love baking, visiting museums, watching films and DVD box sets, walking, reading and making dresses.

Tell us something no one else knows about you... My boyfriend and I have a cuddly toy fox and polar bear (hence the name of the blog) which we have been taking photos of and writing stories about for 4 years! 

And lastly as the Spring issue has been released, what's your favourite thing about this season?
It always makes me smile when the days are getting longer, the daffodils are out and the sun is shining!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Watching Paint Dry

Bored of your usual manicure? But without the funds for a weekly trip to Wah Nails? Or the time to try and doodle on stripes/polka dots/leopard print onto your digits? Then you need to try crackle nails.  Instead of giving your nails a high gloss shine, crackle nails goes one step further and enhances your nails in a very different way. 

Applied in a thin coat on top of a base colour, crackle nail polish shrinks and retracts as it dries which causes the polish to shatter, revealing the base colour from beneath your contrasting topcoat in the most aesthetically pleasing of ways. Unsurprisingly, due to the growing popularity of this trend, many different brands have released there own crackle topcoats, with versions available from Models Own, Barry M, Nails Inc and W7.

W7 Crackle Effect nail polish in Earthquake Black is a good starting point when it comes to trying out this trend, as at £2.95 a bottle, it’s not only incredibly affordable but also very effective.  And as it comes in three different colours, there are endless manicure combinations to try out this summer. Available from here.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Love Ever After

Us Cellardoor girls are suckers for a love story, which is probably why we melted after seeing this set of photographs by NYC photographer Lauren Fleishman.  Lauren's Love Ever After project includes portraits as well as quotes from ten different couples, and what's even more romantic is that all the couples she interviewed have been married for fifty years or more. Who says romance is dead, eh. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

When I grow up...

Here at Cellar Door, we’re always checking out new and interesting blogs. For a while we’ve thought that Giselle from Style of a Fashionista has enviable style, and it turns out she works in the fashion industry too. So we asked her some questions about her fashionable career for you to learn some more…

Have you always been interested in fashion? I have loved dressing up and clothes from a young age and I have been interested in fashion as far back as I can remember, always spending my pocket money on fashion magazines rather than sweets. 

What aspect of the fashion industry particularly interests you? Styling and Visual Merchandising is my favourite aspect of the fashion industry having fun with colours, fabrics and different styles. I could spend all day dressing mannequins and styling the shop floor. 

What made you go into fashion retailing? I love meeting people and I love fashion so it seemed to be the perfect option for me.

Describe one day at your workplace. There are always things to do I start off the day making sure the shop floor is tidy, stocked up, looking perfect and organising the team for the day ahead. I tend to spend quite a while with a customer when selling high end clothing you have to offer the service asking questions and finding out what suits the client there is nothing more rewarding then a happy customer whose confidence has doubled due to your styling and service skills. There are always deliveries coming in and I love opening up the packs to see what amazing clothes have come into the store and trying them on to have a better understanding of the cut and fit. 

What do you think is the most important factor in getting a job/ internship in the fashion industry? You need to have a good knowledge and a real interest in fashion. Excellent people skills are also essential- you need to be a good communicator as you are constantly dealing with people whether you chose retail or an internship with a fashion company. 

What were your motivations behind starting your blog? I wanted to keep a daily diary of my outfits and things that inspired me. I had kept a style file for ages and it was getting rather full of pictures and styling ideas so a blog seemed like the perfect idea. 

Do you think your style has evolved since you started blogging? Most definitely it is a great way to see how people dress around the world. I particularly find blogs by girls in California and Sweden amazing, their style is unique and very inspiring and most recently the Australian girls have been throwing down some awesome looks too.

Do you see yourself having a career in the fashion industry in the future? I hope so I would love to get into styling but my main ambition is to open a vintage and clothing shop in the town where I live.
By Michaela Lock

Monday, 2 May 2011

O(h!)liver Bonas

Oh Oliver Bonas, you are trouble! Not content by simply stocking an amazing selection of home ware, kitsch clothing and jewellery, but you’re actually affordable too!

Who isn’t tempted to fill their homes with such aesthetic eye candy, such as an assortment of bright tumblers, etched with cherry blossoms or vintage style floral crockery by Pip Studios? Oliver Bonas is also perfect if you’re after more frivolous gifty items, such as Damien Hirst style glass skull salt and pepper shakers, the perfect addition to any dinner table, or an Eiffel Tower toast stamp.  Feel like you gave them a tiny little piece of Paris, without having to break the bank…

Fashion at Oliver Bonas runs in the same cutesy vein as home ware, with a heart warming selection of tea dresses, floral prints, fitted jackets and slouchy knits, and carrying beautiful brands such as Vera Moda and the wonderfully whimsical Emily and Fin.

Vero Moda Daisy Mini Dress

Emily and Fin Lucy Vintage Tiny Dot Dress

And if all that isn’t enough to tempt you into one of their stores nationwide (or online while pretending to work at your desk… ahem!) they also currently have a half price sale!

Come on now, no pushing. Form an orderly queue…