Thursday, 12 May 2011

Time for Tea

If you find yourself in London this weekend and have a spare half hour, pop into Camellia’s Teahouse, in Soho. Tucked down the legendary Carnaby Street, Camellia’s is afternoon tea with a twist. Neither stuffy and traditional nor commercialised and boring, Camellia’s is a perfect blend of vintage settings, expertise knowledge and a damned good cup of tea.

And if you turn your nose up at the words ‘…milk and two sugars’ then fear not. With over 120 different blends of tea – each blended on site by former homeopath Lubna and her brother Ajit – there is something for even the most hard-to-please palettes. Past visitors to the shop include Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Amy Winehouse, and when Japanese popstar Chinatsu Wakatsuki popped in, she loved it so much that it is now included in Japanese guidebooks to London.

If you can’t make it down to the capital then fear not – the shop has a fantastic website, which lists all the health benefits of the numerous teas (which, btw, all have fabulous names – Skinny Bitch, Bobby Marley and Lord of the Dance being a few personal favourites). They are also available to buy on-line – so if you fancy something a bit different in your teacup then log on!

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By Katie Byrne

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Unknown said...

This looks very cool indeed! xx

Unknown said...

This looks lovely, I will maybe head in at the weekend x

daisychain said...

Utterly amazing!

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