Friday, 10 June 2011

Baking Made Better

Ever since Carrie and Miranda talked crushes at Magnolia, we’ve all been in a bit of a cupcake frenzy. Never mind the boring old Fairy Cake with water based icing and sugar sprinkles, it shrinks in pale comparison to its more glamorous cousin, the cupcake. Double the size of a fairy cake and piled high with your body weight in brightly coloured butter icing, this was the treat that couldn’t fail to bring a smile to the faces of your girlfriends, a frown to the faces of your boyfriends, and an extra pound or 2 to the face of your bathroom scales.  And with scrumptious looking books from Hummingbird and The Primrose Bakery for sale, anyone with an oven can have a bash whipping these up at home. 

The result: Cupcake overdose. And now it’s time to go cold turkey.  Well don’t fret, you’re not banned from the kitchen, just from the muffin tin. So why not use this time wisely and bake something a little more kick ass?

These Ninjabread Men cookie cutters from Fred should brighten your spirits in no time. And unlike our old pastel iced pal, these are sure to be a favourite with the boys too.

2 love letters:

Lemlina said...

They are amazing!! Love them! x

Temporary:Secretary said...

Ninja bread men are soooo cute! x

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