Wednesday, 15 June 2011

DIY Chic

It’s hard to justify spending money on things you don’t really ‘need’ but we believe making your house beautiful is a true priority! Bunting is a great way to jazz up your living room or garden on the cheap by making it yourself and despite contrary belief, it’s really easy.

 First gather up some material or paper you’d like to use, bunting looks great when lots of colourful yet contrasting material is used, you can visit your local haberdashery store and get as little or as much material as you like.

- Then make a triangular template to the size you want your bunting flats to be, giving 1cm extra around the edge to allow if you're sewing. Then trace around your piece of material and cut out the shape.

- Sew around the edges to give a clean finish, a zig zag stich on a sewing machine looks great or you can stitch by hand if you don’t have a machine. If you're using paper we like using a pair of pinking shears for a zig zag edge.

- Finally choose some pretty ribbon which will hold your bunting together and stitch the tops of your flags to the ribbon, leaving around 30cm between each triangle.
And voila! A chic addition to your home on the cheap!

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Unknown said...

I love bunting, it's so cute - put some in the garden for garden parties! xo

Unknown said...

Thanks Lou, check out my personal blog at

Victoria said...

Love this! Really want to put bunting up in my uni room with lots of different magazine rip outs x

Unknown said...

I love buntings, can't wait to try make one ( or be naughty and buy one) thanks for the tips x

Sarah said...

I made some for the Royal Wedding, it's lovely to have and really cheers up a room!

Temporary:Secretary said...

Love this! x

GEORGIA said...

I spent hours making my mum bunting last year and she has gone and lost it..anywho, pretty blog. please check mine out


Unknown said...

Thanks for the love guys!! Deffo have a go, it's so nice to have something home made xxx

FashionAndMe said...

FAB! :)

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