Saturday, 18 June 2011

Show Us Your Space

It is something most girls dream about; having their very own walk in wardrobe. Well for Katie Taylor this is a reality, here she is proudly showing off her space. Katie from Leeds said 'It really was the main selling point of the house for me.' Each part has its own section dedicated to one type of clothing. A scattering of personal things around the walk-in, shows a little bit more of Katie's personality; personal cards and mementos are stuck to one part of the wardrobe. 

Seeing someone's room and personal space really shows you what kind of person they are. You can get a good sense of what the person is like without ever meeting them. And as we're a nosey bunch here, we've been trawling the countless 'Room Tours' on youtube. You can pick up tips on various ways to decorate your room, with lots of DIY tutorials for the thrifty people among us. So get yourself a computer and get inspired. 

2 love letters:

Unknown said...

oh I wish I had a walk in wardrobe x

Unknown said...

I would LOVE a walk in wardrobe! My room is just about big enough for a bed at the minute; when I buy a house this is going to be one of my musts.

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