Thursday, 2 June 2011

We Scream For Ice Cream

Well hello June, where did you spring from! We can't believe you're here already, but not to fear as that can only mean one thing - Summer is most definitely on it's way! And what better way to celebrate the start of the season than National Ice Cream week.

Now the Cellardoor girls are quite partial to a cone or two (preferably with a flake) but it got us thinking of our favourite childhood ice creams. We remember the delight of unwrapping a Fab and even racing through the rainbow colours of the Fruit Pastille lolly. What was your favourite?

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Michelle said...

Ice-cream is just about my favourite thing in the world (at least a close second to my BF and mates). My favourite ice-cream growing up (thinking teens here) was a peanut butter flavour one from a little ice-cream shop in Cape Town on the beach front (where I grew up). They were massive - about the size of your head (no lie). Prior to a more refined pallette it was a chocolate or jelly lolly on a stick.

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