Friday, 29 July 2011

Something for the Weekend

There’s no denying that vintage is a massive trend right now, and one which, here at Cellardoor, we’re most definitely embracing. From 50s tea dresses to 60s shifts, from sewing and knitting to scrapbooking and baking, us girls are increasingly abandoning modern pursuits to spend our free time sitting in tea rooms and shopping for classic finds.

With its ever-increasing popularity, vintage-inspired events are springing up all over the UK - and the biggest and best of all of these has to be Vintage at Southbank, a celebration of old-fashioned music, fashion, film, art, design and dance over the last weekend of July. Having moved from its home in Goodwood last year, the festival is re-locating to the capital for one big three-day party - and it’s fair to say we’re quite excited about it.

All six floors of London’s Royal Festival Hall will be transported back in time for the weekend, offering something for every fan of old-fashioned culture; visitors can go shopping at one of The Vintage Emporium’s pop-up shops, get involved in the dedicated creative workshops and pause for food at the old school ‘Canteen’. The ‘Vintage Revues’ auditorium is also hosting catwalk shows and live dance performances - and if you fancy trying out the steps yourself, you can finish the night off in one of eight vintage nightclubs playing music spanning seven decades.

Vintage at Southbank runs from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st July, and with tickets starting from £60, it’s the festival with a difference that can’t be missed this summer.

And if Vintage leaves you wanting more, why not get a further dose of old-fashioned entertainment over the next few months?

  • August: Head down to the Vintage Event at Balham Bowls Club in South London on 14th August, a huge vintage clothes and accessories market with live music to listen to while you browse.
  • September: Do something charitable in the name of all things old-time and take part in the Vintage Midnight Walk; dress up and stroll 10 miles around London in vintage attire to raise money for two of East London’s hospices.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

No Squinting Necessary

Crime And Punishment. Catch 22. Harry Potter. Mills & Boon. I’m sure most book readers would agree that there are some books that you’d be happy to read on the tube, and then there are some that you’d rather admit to fancying Jedward than be caught with. And didn’t you feel extra smug when people saw you reading Tolstoy’s tome War and Peace? It didn’t matter that it weighed a ton and gave you back ache for a month because you looked so literary! Well thank God for Spineless Classics. With these clever posters, you can show off your highbrow taste in literature without giving yourself a hunchback, or having to dragging your guests over to inspect your bookshelf (after you’ve hidden all the Sweet Valley High obviously) in the process!

Spineless Classics produce gorgeous prints which niftily display the entire text of the novel on one sheet of paper, as well as managing to use the text to form cute and quirky designs, so it looks like an arty print from afar. And the best bit? Despite being squeeeeeezed onto one sheet of paper, the text is, amazingly, still large enough to be read! Now you’ve got no excuse not to read the classics.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Something for the Weekend

We have to admit, it hasn’t been the best few weeks for us Brits in some ways; the weather’s been distinctly more winter than Spring/Summer, there have been publicised scandals a-plenty and our man Murray failed to win Wimbledon - again. With this in mind, we think it’s time to cheer up and celebrate the best of British art and culture this summer – and fortunately there are some great exhibitions on at the moment which can help us do just that.

An icon of modern art, Tracey Emin's latest exhibition ‘Love is what you want’ is a perfect way to embrace the best of British creativity; it’s arguably the best collection of all her work to date. On at The Hayward Gallery, the exhibition features painting, drawing, photography, textiles, video and sculpture and reflects on a whole scope of Tracey’s thoughts and emotions over her long career. ‘Love is what you want’ is on at London’s Southbank Centre until 29th August; tickets start from £7.50. 
Ultimately well worth a visit.

And if that leaves you wanting more artistic inspiration, why not venture to Mayfair to visit Rosalind Wyatt’s literary exhibition, Gallery of Words? The British artist has launched a pop-up gallery exhibiting collage, stitch and interior design work, with the aim of celebrating the beauty of words and their forms. On until 30th July in South Audley Street (and free to visit), Wyatt has embraced her skills as a calligrapher to create an exhibition full of written, spoken, performed, painted, crafted and even eaten words. Yes, even eaten; in one of her most creative pieces to date, Rosalind’s collaborated with the master chocolatier of Rococo chocolates to create ‘chocalligraphy’ - a new craft which we must admit we like the sound of!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Perfect Presents to Please Even the Pickiest!

Everyone has one. A difficult friend whose birthday is approaching. A friend who you know is lying when she says “Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy me a birthday present”, but you’re too scared to find out for sure. A friend who doesn’t eat chocolate or cupcakes as she suspects she’s lactose and wheat intolerant and who’s decided to cut out alcohol(!). Who also doesn’t enjoy reading so there’s no point in buying her the new Audrey Niffenegger.  Who has really sensitive skin so you couldn’t possibly buy her anything from Benefit or Shu Umera.  Who is has quite a particular style so would probably turn her nose up at that floral silk scarf from Topshop... In short, a friend who is an absolute nightmare to buy for.  Well don’t worry, help is at hand. Kiss goodbye to having to spend desperate lunch hours in Accessorize, instead sit back, relax and check out  A one-stop internet shop of goodies that couldn’t fail to please even the pickiest of people. With a wide and varying range from apple crate herb boxes to furniture, to hampers to jewellery there is literally something for everyone, and you can be sure to find the perfect present for your not-so-perfect friend without tearing your hair out or terminating the friendship in the process.

Here are a few of our favourites...

Handmade Vintage Map Lampshade

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hippy hippy shake

This year Beta Fashion teamed up with ASOS to offer the winner a chance to design an exclusive capsule collection for the site. The competition encouraged some very talented textile designers to express their interpretation of ‘freedom’ through their eclectic silk prints.
We took a peek at the lucky winners collection and we're completely smitten - we can't wait to get our hands on one of the pieces!
The silk collection, which is inspired by fluid movements (think jellyfish and feathers) features six gorgeous pieces including a kimono jacket, maxi dress and camisole. The blend of the delicate fabric, flowing shapes and pretty pastel palette has got us reminiscing about hazy summer evenings (where has summer gone?) and we think it's the perfect accompaniment to our wardrobes. Get it here

Monday, 18 July 2011

The Black Diamond

How many times have you gone to a house party, knowing only one friend? But you have a drink, perhaps a dance, a bit of random chat with strangers and a good night is had by all. Unless, in the middle of the party, there’s a proposal that goes wrong, a mysterious and unseen thief and a cursed diamond.  That’s the kind of party you’ll find East London right now thanks to the Punch Drunk theatre company and Stella ArtoisPunch Drunk, the pioneers of immersive theatre in the UK, has teamed up with Stella Artois to launch Stella Black, and they’re inviting everyone to get involved.  All you have to do it turn up at a mystery address (only revealed days before the performance) and ask for The Diamond Cutter. Simple as that!  The party, set in the 60’s, is a jam-packed and hectic affair, filled with authentic props (and clues, if you’re nosey enough to find them), crazy guests, a curious audience and a twisting plot.
Part One of the three-part performance came to an abrupt end with everyone being expelled from the house and all bags being checked before leaving.  Tickets for Part Two are available from the 10th July.

The Black Diamond is running from 3-21 July.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Something for the Weekend

So as this weekend we'll be sulking that we're not at Lovebox or Lattitude, the weather doesn't look like it's going to play nice either. Unfair is not the word. So to cheer ourselves up,  we will be sticking on some of our favourite movies and eating lots of yummy food. ( tea and scones anyone?)

On our list...

Roman Holiday
Who does't love a bit of Audrey. Although Breakfast at Tiffany's is her most memorable role, Ms Hepburn's fifties wardrobe makes this our favourite. We'll be dreaming of riding around Rome in beautiful dirndl skirts and espadrilles... sigh. 

This nineties classic is definitely a firm favourite, who didn't love the film.... and the TV series? It was full of wacky trends that we all love to hate including mini rucksacks, knee high socks and lots of plaid. Everyone wanted to be Cher.

Factory Girl  
Sienna does a great job in the biopic of one of the coolest models ever, Edie Sedgwick. The film is full of sixties' glamour with fur coats, mini dresses and heavy eye make-up. Oh and Hayden Christensen. Need we say more.

What will you be watching?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Meet..... Lost in the Haze

 Meet Jo from Lost in the Haze. We first came across the  twenty-two year old form Christchurch, NZ and fell in love with her dreamy photographs and love reading about all of her adventures.  Peter pan collars, floral wallpaper, going on adventures and  cupcakes, just a few of the things Jo lists as things she loves and we couldn't agree more... definitely a girl after our own hearts!  
Read on to find our more... 

Ok, first up who is 'Lost in Haze'?
Lost in the Haze consists of me, Jo, and my long-term love, Barnaby. I am a vintage enthusiast and am constantly scouting the local vintage stores to see what I can get my hands on! Barnaby is a genius with cameras, and he does all of the beautiful photography and behind-the-scenes work. It is definitely a plus being able to work with my best friend!  

How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place?
I have been blogging since February 2011; so five months now! I have been an avid blog reader for about three years, and felt that I had something different to offer. I live in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, which has the most beautiful landscapes. The blog was partially created to show off the beautiful scenery, and partially to show off my love for vintage fashion, DIYs, and just generally cute things! 

What inspires your blog posts?
I am notorious for going on many scenic excursions, and this definitely plays a role in my blog inspiration! I am also inspired by quirky and stand out garments I find when thrifting. I regularly look at vintage magazines (particularly from the 1960s!) when I am feeling a lack of inspiration, and they never cease to let me down!

How would you describe your style?
I would definitely say that my style is a bit of a mish-mash! I often take key elements of the 1960s and 1970s, like mini dresses and velvet fabric. I love quirky staple items; such as my peach coloured faux leather shorts! I am also crazy about nautical elements to my outfits, and have been known for never turning down a sailor collar. I adore cute pan collars and elbow patches, and often think to myself that I dress like a cross between a young child or an old woman.

What three items can you not live without?
My iPhone (I am truly addicted to Crash Bandicoot racing!), my woolen toy panda; Bales, and my faux fur lined desert boots which are getting me through winter!

What do you get up to when you're not blogging?
I'm currently a full time university student who graduates in December (I am already planning my graduation outfit, eek!) I also run an online boutique which sells both new and vintage items. Lastly, I also do a bit of freelance work on the side.

Tell us something no one else knows about you...
I am a long-term vegetarian! When I turned eleven I decided I didn't want to eat meat anymore, but gave up on my first night and ate a saveloy! Whoops! I've been good ever since though, and have now been a vegetarian for eleven years.

And lastly as we've just released our Spring issue, what's your favourite thing about this season?
This season I am crazy about colourful plaid prints and flower crowns. I have also found myself eyeing up a pair of creeper shoes!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shopping without the struggling

You know the scene... Finally!! It’s payday, you’ve actually got money to spend and you have a vague, misty idea about the outfit of your dreams, that you know for fact is going to make your life 100 times better. So how did you manage to spend 12 hours trawling around every store on the high street but bought nothing but a pair of socks? It’s the classic “got money, like nothing” conundrum, which is almost as painful as “no money, want everything” trap.  Is there a girl on earth who can resist the bubbling anger of traipsing around shop after shop looking for an item in that certain shade of turquoise blue but without a hint of luck?  Well help is at hand in the form of  Shopstyle is the equivalent of Google for clothes, but without the porn.   By acting as a fashion search engine, Shopstyle compiles images from pretty much every major store across the web, showing you brands, prices (including sale prices) what is stocking where, and the best bit: links! Meaning that you’re never more than a click away from the purchase of your dreams.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Something for the Weekend

Most of us girls love a good cocktail. Most of us love anything vintage too, and not to mention a good cup of tea - so imagine our joy at finding a place that combines all of the above…

Tucked away on the corner of London’s Rathbone Street and looking a little bit like your grandmother’s lounge - in the best possible way, of course - Bourne and Hollingsworth nails prohibition style in a manner that shouts quintessentially English. Teacups on tables, faded floral wallpaper, frilly lampshades and framed needlework on the walls (oh and ok, the slight smell of damp - but hey, it’s authentic at least) make this basement bar somewhere pretty intriguing. Add to that the sight of people sipping cocktails out of vintage crockery and jam jars and that’s surely all you need to be lured over to the menu - that and the promise of a Jammie Dodger with your drink, of course.

Out of 20-odd cocktails served by some very skilled bar staff, a must-try is the Chimp’s Tea; a mix of whisky, peach liqueur, earl grey tea syrup and orange zest that has a lovely tangy kick. Yours to sip for £7, it comes presented in a china cup and saucer, and the best bit has to be the shortbread biscuit on the side - perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

If you’re looking for unique cocktails, vintage style and a quirky atmosphere that almost feels a little bit exclusive, Bourne and Hollingsworth is most definitely worth a visit. A new contender for our favourite London bar? Anywhere that combines cocktails and teacups surely gets our vote…

Thursday, 7 July 2011

When I Grow Up...

This week we caught up with Polly and Harry of design-duo 'Draw In Light', who use silk-screen printing to create beautifully unique yet wearable t-shirt based pieces.

You have been friends all of your lives. What's one of your favourite memories of your time together?
 Driving to Glastonbury in a roofless 50's Land Rover (number plate: WOW 99IT) with our Bell tent, fully stocked bar and king-size bed. It took us 8 hours from London as it's top speed is about 50mph!

Your Pre SS12 designs feature a lot more colour than your past collections. What has been your inspiration for this season? 
Well, the collection is called "Bring Out Colour" as we're mostly led by what we feel like doing. I think we both felt like working with colour. Also our main inspiration was photographing a prism that threw rainbow refractions all over the place.

 What is your favourite piece out of everything you've ever designed? 
Harry: Pre S/S12 Hot Rainbow Split Tunic.

Polly: I love wearing the A/W12 X Ray velvet dress.

If you hadn't realised your design dreams, what job would you be doing instead?
I don't think that designing would have ever not been a reality for either of us. We both love what we do and are very proud of what we have accomplished. It may sound arrogant, but ever since learning to crawl together we have been very determined. There is a healthy competition between us too and a shared vision.

 If you could be any animal in the world, what would it be and why?
Harry: A bird, so I can fly.
Polly: A mermaid, because I like sailors.

Draw In Light’s second collection Open Air S/S 2011 is stocked at Liberty of London, Young British Designers Online, C See Boutique & Sid Concept Stores. For more information visit.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cellardoor Mixtape

Every summer needs a soundtrack that, when rediscovered years later, is able to capture the imagination and transport you back to those hot nights of a hazy August long ago.  

Indie-pop duo Summer Camp will make a welcome addition to this years playlist, creating cool and creative tunes that will leave you wondering why you haven’t heard of them before.  

The band consists of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey, both of whom have previously settled in the music industry, Jeremy as a solo artist and Elizabeth as a journalist.  Having met in London, the starry-eyed couple talked quite trivially of creating a band, posting a few songs to their myspace yet totally unaware of the hype that would later build up around them.

Their EP, ‘Young’, is available to download from itunes, the particularly memorable highlights including ‘Ghost Train’ and ‘Round The Moon’.  The debut album will be available to buy later in the year.

By Alex Layt

Friday, 1 July 2011

Something for the Weekend

Sometimes simpler is just better. For instance, when an estate agent lists a flat as being near to Angel, Old Street and Farringdon tubes, you know for a fact that it’s actually in the middle of nowhere. The same with hotels, which are also bars, restaurants and clubs. You’re trying to do too much and you’re not doing any of them right! Well actually, Tigerlily, Edinburgh is here to prove you wrong.  Tigerlily is all of these things. And they are all amazing. The bar is a decedent mix of printed fabrics, fresh flowers, large mirrors and cloud shaped lights.  The restaurant features chainmail curtain booths and candle light, not to mention an afternoon tea to die for, and the hotel, which features chocolate covered gingersnaps and GHD straightners as standard (it is Edinburgh after all. I guarantee you it will rain…) is heaven on earth.  

 And just because it’s totally awesome in every way, it doesn’t mean it’s bank-breaking. With offers (and puns) such as “Wine Down” or “It’s Friday and everything’s rosé”, there’s no excuse to not stop for a quick one, or 10. Or a weekend. And yes this place may appeal to girls slightly more than boys, but surely he’d treat you if he loved you?