Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shopping without the struggling

You know the scene... Finally!! It’s payday, you’ve actually got money to spend and you have a vague, misty idea about the outfit of your dreams, that you know for fact is going to make your life 100 times better. So how did you manage to spend 12 hours trawling around every store on the high street but bought nothing but a pair of socks? It’s the classic “got money, like nothing” conundrum, which is almost as painful as “no money, want everything” trap.  Is there a girl on earth who can resist the bubbling anger of traipsing around shop after shop looking for an item in that certain shade of turquoise blue but without a hint of luck?  Well help is at hand in the form of Shopstyle.co.uk.  Shopstyle is the equivalent of Google for clothes, but without the porn.   By acting as a fashion search engine, Shopstyle compiles images from pretty much every major store across the web, showing you brands, prices (including sale prices) what is stocking where, and the best bit: links! Meaning that you’re never more than a click away from the purchase of your dreams.

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