Friday, 8 July 2011

Something for the Weekend

Most of us girls love a good cocktail. Most of us love anything vintage too, and not to mention a good cup of tea - so imagine our joy at finding a place that combines all of the above…

Tucked away on the corner of London’s Rathbone Street and looking a little bit like your grandmother’s lounge - in the best possible way, of course - Bourne and Hollingsworth nails prohibition style in a manner that shouts quintessentially English. Teacups on tables, faded floral wallpaper, frilly lampshades and framed needlework on the walls (oh and ok, the slight smell of damp - but hey, it’s authentic at least) make this basement bar somewhere pretty intriguing. Add to that the sight of people sipping cocktails out of vintage crockery and jam jars and that’s surely all you need to be lured over to the menu - that and the promise of a Jammie Dodger with your drink, of course.

Out of 20-odd cocktails served by some very skilled bar staff, a must-try is the Chimp’s Tea; a mix of whisky, peach liqueur, earl grey tea syrup and orange zest that has a lovely tangy kick. Yours to sip for £7, it comes presented in a china cup and saucer, and the best bit has to be the shortbread biscuit on the side - perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

If you’re looking for unique cocktails, vintage style and a quirky atmosphere that almost feels a little bit exclusive, Bourne and Hollingsworth is most definitely worth a visit. A new contender for our favourite London bar? Anywhere that combines cocktails and teacups surely gets our vote…

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tigerlily369 said...

This place sounds amaze. Not only am I going to pay it a visit, now I know what to do with all those bonne maman jam jars I've been hoarding!

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