Friday, 15 July 2011

Something for the Weekend

So as this weekend we'll be sulking that we're not at Lovebox or Lattitude, the weather doesn't look like it's going to play nice either. Unfair is not the word. So to cheer ourselves up,  we will be sticking on some of our favourite movies and eating lots of yummy food. ( tea and scones anyone?)

On our list...

Roman Holiday
Who does't love a bit of Audrey. Although Breakfast at Tiffany's is her most memorable role, Ms Hepburn's fifties wardrobe makes this our favourite. We'll be dreaming of riding around Rome in beautiful dirndl skirts and espadrilles... sigh. 

This nineties classic is definitely a firm favourite, who didn't love the film.... and the TV series? It was full of wacky trends that we all love to hate including mini rucksacks, knee high socks and lots of plaid. Everyone wanted to be Cher.

Factory Girl  
Sienna does a great job in the biopic of one of the coolest models ever, Edie Sedgwick. The film is full of sixties' glamour with fur coats, mini dresses and heavy eye make-up. Oh and Hayden Christensen. Need we say more.

What will you be watching?

4 love letters:

Sherelle.x said...

I loved Clueless! Think I've watched that more times than I can count lol :)

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the girl in the bowler hat said...

I went to my friends for a film night yesterday and the two films we watched were Clueless and Roman Holiday. What a coincidence!

Looks like I'll definitely have to watch Factory Girl now!


Harriet Edgar said...

I am struggling to get in contact with you lovely ladies regarding a feature I sent to you a few weeks ago now - with no reply whether you got it safely plus the images.

Please do get back in contact with me!! thank you x

European Chic said...

Great selection of classic movies!

May I suggest to add 'Heathers' - it is wickedly funny and the 80s fashion is sooo cool.

Greetings from Paris!

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