Thursday, 7 July 2011

When I Grow Up...

This week we caught up with Polly and Harry of design-duo 'Draw In Light', who use silk-screen printing to create beautifully unique yet wearable t-shirt based pieces.

You have been friends all of your lives. What's one of your favourite memories of your time together?
 Driving to Glastonbury in a roofless 50's Land Rover (number plate: WOW 99IT) with our Bell tent, fully stocked bar and king-size bed. It took us 8 hours from London as it's top speed is about 50mph!

Your Pre SS12 designs feature a lot more colour than your past collections. What has been your inspiration for this season? 
Well, the collection is called "Bring Out Colour" as we're mostly led by what we feel like doing. I think we both felt like working with colour. Also our main inspiration was photographing a prism that threw rainbow refractions all over the place.

 What is your favourite piece out of everything you've ever designed? 
Harry: Pre S/S12 Hot Rainbow Split Tunic.

Polly: I love wearing the A/W12 X Ray velvet dress.

If you hadn't realised your design dreams, what job would you be doing instead?
I don't think that designing would have ever not been a reality for either of us. We both love what we do and are very proud of what we have accomplished. It may sound arrogant, but ever since learning to crawl together we have been very determined. There is a healthy competition between us too and a shared vision.

 If you could be any animal in the world, what would it be and why?
Harry: A bird, so I can fly.
Polly: A mermaid, because I like sailors.

Draw In Light’s second collection Open Air S/S 2011 is stocked at Liberty of London, Young British Designers Online, C See Boutique & Sid Concept Stores. For more information visit.

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