Monday, 1 August 2011

Show Us Your Space

Following on from our last Show Us Your Space post, we've taken a peek around another reader's room. This time Stephanie has allowed us to have a nosey around her space. 

The bunting hanging around her bed looks so kitsch and it's so easy to make - remember our post?

Steph's an avid music fan, as you can probably tell from her record player on the side and the gig tickets scattered across her pin board, mingled in with pictures of friends. The room is dotted with all of Steph's interests - records, DVDs and books, all the things she likes to enjoy in her spare time. 

We love the artwork on her wall, brightening up her room. Good art is easy to come by; you can even make some yourself!

If you think your room is worth us taking a look at, let us know!

2 love letters:

Unknown said...

what a sweet little room, I love how the bunting brightens up the otherwise plain wall! xo

Temporary:Secretary said...

I love the bunting x

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