Thursday, 15 September 2011

An Autumnal Breakfast

Mixed berries topped with plain yoghurt and honey... granola with brown sugar and skimmed milk...toast spread with marmite and avocado... ah summer breakfasts. Light and healthy while satisfying enough to put a spring into your step!

Well get over it. Summer’s gone and it’s not coming back for a long time. We suggest you move on.
To make the process a little easier, let’s try a new breakfast for a colder morning. If this can’t ease you from your warm bed on a cold, gloomy and cheerless morning, nothing will.

Cellardoor’s Super Porridge

Serves 1
50g porridge oats
350ml of water (or milk. Or you can mix the 2).

Throw both of the ingredients into a non-stick  pan and simmer for 5 minutes, giving them a bleary eyed stir every minute or so to stop it sticking to the bottom.  You can cheat and use Oats-So-Simple porridge oats which means you can bung the whole lot into the microwave and go back to bed for 2 minutes (3 if you include an extra minute when you’re ‘letting it stand’)if you want, but they‘re more expensive.

Now THIS is the bit that makes the difference: Top with a sprinkle of sliced almonds, raisins, course brown sugar and a bit of double cream. Packed with fibre and protein, this will keep you full till lunch!

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