Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Competition Time

We all love a competition, so to coincide with the launch of our latest issue we decided to give some of our our readers the chance to win a fantastic prize! 

We've got four copies of Lucy Siegle's fantastic book To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World?  to give away. So to be in with chance of winning a copy,  make sure you're following us on Twitter and then comment below with your favourite summer memory along with your name and contact email. For an extra entry, mention our giveaway in a tweet or write up a blog post about our latest issue (don't forget to leave us your link!)

Simple. So what are you waiting for.... Good Luck!

19 love letters:

AliceChristina said...

My favourite summer memory this year has to be spending a week in Barcelona and visiting Park G├╝ell by Gaudi! Honestly the most beautiful place i have ever seen in my life! It made me cry a little.

email: AliceChristina@hotmail.co.uk
Twitter: @AliceChristina
My tweets are locked so i'm not sure if you'll be able to see my mention unless youre following me but i'll put it up anyway

Anonymous said...

Just followed you guys on twitter I'm @lilyfmason and my email is lilyfm@live.com.
I have two favourite summer memories, my first was when my boyfriend and I slept under the stars. It was a really warm summers eve, the clouds looked like they had been tickled pink and it felt like the definition of young love. And secondly when Oli and I went on a picnic where he lives which is a whole world part from my hometown and drenched our bones in the sunlight for hours, whilst the cows wondered around us. It felt like our own little world.
I'm definitely going to miss summer.

lizzie said...

my absolute favourite moment from this summer has to be a bbq thrown for a friends birthday; a hot, languid afternoon, a trampoline, a boombox and eating grilled haloumi on the terrace with my best friends :) aww


Rebecca said...

ohh, i've heard so much about this book! my favourite summer memory... from this summer i reckon it's sitting on a rocking horse in a marquee while a jazz band plays behind me whilst i look out at the rain... i do live in england after all! xxx
i've been following you on twitter (@rebeccacohen) for a while now, and my email address is rebecca.cohen@hotmail.co.uk


Unknown said...

Favourite memory from the summer just gone - a languid afternoon on one of the hottest days year, spent at a local music festival followed by a balmy night of debauchery with best friends, wine, awesome dance moves, oh and a few lovely chaps.

I also follow you guys on twitter :)

My e-mail address is bethanybull@gmail.com -Fingers crossed!

girls who like to gorge said...

Best summer memory - a birthday spent with a lovely handful of friends, good food.. even better drinks, concluded by a night of dancing to 60s tracks in madam jojos ;)

gorging.girls@gmail.com xxxxxxxxxxx

Liz Burton said...

My favourite summer memory has been a proper old school seaside holiday with my lovely family - ice cream, fairground rised, fish and chips...

Liz Burton said...

Following you on Twitter and have RT'd @missielizzieb

Teacups & Buttondrops said...

My favourite summer memory has to be a holiday down to Cornwall where we stayed in caravans and visited Bodmin and The Eden Project.

I've rt you @ameyjaney and my email address is teacupsandbuttondrops@hotmail.co.uk

Laura said...

I have a lot of summer memories, but probably the one that will stick with me the most is the evening that I first spoke to my boyfriend as more than a friend, that sparked our relationship off. I was fourteen, incredibly shy and a group of us were lying on a trampoline in the dark, chatting, and he and I talked about the most ridiculously banal things just because both of us were too shy to say what we really wanted to. It was romantic in an awkward adolescent way, and we're just about to have our five year anniversary.
I already follow on twitter, and my email is heartsofsand@live.co.uk.

Unknown said...

Just tweeted about the competition as well! From @noir_heart (bethanybull@gmail.com) ;) xxxx

Anonymous said...

oh, my there are so many to tell! always loved to spend my summer holidays on the beautiful Greek beaches! and having a lot of playing volleyball with the guys, lounging around the beach with my best girlfriend and just enjoying the Greek sun and clear blue ocean! xoxo


fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Following you lovelies on Twitter for sure! xoxo

Eve Maria said...

My favourite summer memory was from 4 years ago. I had just finished high school and we had our summer ball. That was the night my boyfriend and I got together...four years and three uni degrees later, we're now living together. :)
I'm following you on twitter @evemariadust

Haylee said...

My favorite summer memory is sleepovers with my cousins growing up. We'd have such fun times going toilet papering and staying up all night. Ahh I want to be a ten year old again.

Haylee Atkinson
Twitter: hayleemariex
email: happy_haylee_3@hotmail.com

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I'm already following on twitter! <3 It is so hard choosing a favourite memory, but one of my really good ones was when I was staying at my boyfriends house in the country. It truly was like being in a snowglobe! jof@lostinthehaze.com

BettyLeopard said...

My summer hasn't been so great, as my boyfriend has been working in the US for three months!
My best memory would have to be my birthday, when my mum, sister and two best friends spoilt me with so much cake to stop me feeling sad that the boy wasn't there. Diets don't count on special occasions!

Sarah Louise said...

I follow you guys on Twitter (my name is @englishpearl) and I just tweeted about your competition (https://twitter.com/#!/englishpearl/status/118337498815545344).

My favourite summer memory is from this year, clambering over and discovering the moors of Cornwall, in which I live, and the cove where I spent much of summer days. We found a small, quaint, and secret lagoon, where we camped amongst warm summer nights and raging summer storms, where the crescent moon rose from behind the lagoon's horizon, and we swam and laughed and lived.

My name is Sarah Louise Stevenson, and my email is sarah.stevenson@live.com

Anonymous said...

Already following you guys on twitter (@vic_heartshaker), and my email is vicky@ahashakeheartbreaker.com

My favourite summer memory was the start of this summer. My boyfriend and I had gone on holiday to the same place we went last year - a cute little seaside cottage. On the third morning, we went to a quiet, almost untouched beach, and Tony and I took a walk along the cliffs like we did last year. And then, as we looked down onto the beach, he'd written 'Will you marry me?' in the sand and gotten down onto one knee. Of course, I said yes, and after returning to the beach, our closest friends were waiting for us and ended spending the week on holiday with us. That evening, we had a fire, a few drinks and marshmallows on the beach to celebrate. Such a perfect day that I'll never forget.

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