Saturday, 3 September 2011

The next little thing

Have you ever had the pleasure of trying to manoeuvre your book on the daily commute? It's not an easy feat believe us! If you understand the level of difficulty we're talking about then you might be just as excited as we are for Flipback books.

These handy little books, which are no bigger than your smartphone and made of super thin paper, open top to bottom and have sideways text so you can easily hold them whilst hanging onto the tube carriage. 

Titles that have already had the Flipback treatment include One day by David Nicholls, My Sister's Keeper by Jodie Picoult and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. 

3 love letters:

Anonymous said...

These are cute.... Nearly makes me want to trade in my kindle! Dina xx

Anonymous said...

I definitely have to check these out. I think worse than trying to maneuver my book is trying to maneuver it while drinking my morning tea.

Maddison said...

These look very cute indeed. I have got to see these for myself.

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