Friday, 30 September 2011

Something For The Weekend

What’s the first thing most people decide to do on a sunny day? No, not strip off (although it’s close...!) but decide to barbeque. So you invite your friends round, do a trip to your local shop for coals (or a disposable BBQ), meats, drinks and salads, do another trip for everything you’ve forgotten (usually napkins) and then fire up the grill! By the time you’ve done all that, as well as  mix the Pimms and safely charcoal anything that could give you food poisoning, it’s usually around 5pm. Where has the day gone? And we’ve gone past the summer (summer?! when?) which means the days are just getting shorter and shorter. 

Well don’t worry, with the help of some solar powered outdoor lights, you can make the most of this Indian Summer and prolong your outdoor fun.  Coming in all shapes and sizes, our personal favourites include this simple frosted storage jar, designed to ‘collect sun, these pretty candle lanterns
and these colourful Chinese lantern style fairy lights - there is something to suit every household.  So with these lovely lights, there’s no excuse to party in the dark.

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