Monday, 24 October 2011

Fantastic Mr Fox

The urban fox: cunning, sly, wily, one of nature’s true grifters. Rummaging and knocking over your bins in the middle of the night... perhaps sometimes we forget how sleek, beautiful and fabulous they are?  

In celebration of one of nature’s cheekiest chappies here are some beautiful foxes we found hiding in the alleys of Etsy that  you could give a home to.... 

Sterling Silver fox stole necklace by bbel...20’s glamour with a modern twist.

Craftyfolk Miss Fox Illustrated wooden brooch designed and made by Sarah Golden... incredibly cute!

With the weather starting to cool down and a nip in the air, keep your head warm with this hand knitted hat

Charlie and the Fox pretty screen printed make up bag... just the thing to keep your lipstick safe!

By Jules Young

2 love letters:

Magar said...

I think the brooch is my favorite, but they're all super cute

Jess Heath MUFX said...

Fantastic pics, my favourite is the necklace, such a unique design.

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