Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Button it

So, can you believe Christmas is less than a month away? We're getting more excited as each day goes by! Most people leave the bulk of Christmas shopping till December, but we hate that last minute rush so we wanted to find a way to help to get your preparations started.

Now we believe that it is the simple thoughtful gifts that people appreciate the most, so here is a D.I.Y project to help you along your way. Here’s how to make an inexpensive & stress-free button photo frame Christmas gift.

1. A photo frame (We purchases ours from a charity shop for £1!)
2. A glue gun/ or a tube of strong glue
3. An assortment of buttons

Step 1
Decide where to place the buttons; you can put them all over the frame or just in the corners. You might even want to spell someone’s name; it is totally up to you!

Step 2
Apply glue to the back of the buttons (you don’t want to burn your fingers or get them stuck together). Then carefully place them in the desired areas. Do this one by one, as you don’t want the glue to dry up.

Step 3
Then all you need to do is add a lovely picture & you’re done!

Here are just a few we made earlier (we always did want to be on Blue Peter!) We think these could be really lovely Christmas gifts for friends, so do let us know how you get on - we'd love to see your creations!

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jo said...

Sweet we made frames like this for all our family a couple of years back. Make such a lovely present!!!

Jo x

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