Friday, 18 November 2011

Cherry Drops

Christmas shopping is a real love/hate activity. You love the thought of it in October when selection boxes appear in shops, meaning you’re officially allowed to browse online for presents (to give AND to receive!). You hate it when it’s the last weekend before Christmas and you’re rushing around town loaded with overpriced gift boxes for all those tricky buggers who don’t seem to like anything.
Well how about saving time, money and the urge to pull your own hair out with a little something homemade?

Idea 1: Cherry Drop vodka
Remember Cherry Drops? They were the tastier version of a Halls Soother, without the gooey bit in the middle, that you used to rot your teeth on when you were a kid. Well why not get a little retro and try this tasty alcoholic alternative.

To make:
Sterilise a mason jar and add 3 packets of Cherry Drops to 500cl of vodka (it doesn’t have to be premium as the sweets hide the flavour, although your head won’t thank you in the morning if you buy pure gut rot).

Leave to sit for 2 days, giving the occasional stir. Once fully dissolved, pour into a pretty bottle, add a cute bow and throw in a couple of shot glasses for a festive and fun-promising pressie.

By Yvonne Dickson

2 love letters:

Little Nell said...

Love this. Much classier than the skittle vodka I ploughed through as a student!

Penny x

Unknown said...

cherry drops vodka? That actually sounds really nice!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

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