Monday, 14 November 2011

Roll Up Roll Up

Street Food. It’s so hot right now. But the idea of eating something cooked and served on the pavement hasn’t always been so popular. We blame the dodge hot dog vendors who used to hang around central London at 3am. You knew it wasn’t a good idea but you couldn’t resist the smell of the cooked onions.. Not anymore.

Nowadays, street food is hip, trendy and worth the trip for a tasty, and sometimes very economical, lunch without the without the worry of projectile vomit.

Cellardoor’s favourite street food tip is Selyus on Earlham Street.  This Mediterranean salad stall has been here for years and has a very loyal customer base. 

Serving a selection of cous cous, mixed bean, potato and green salads and topped with a choice of olives, stuffed vine leaves, hummus and a range of breads.  There is no chance of snacking after this salad.

Open from 12-2.30 every weekday, the queue can be up to 10 people deep.  But don’t worry, these guys are speedy! They’ll take your order and fill the container (how do they get those lids closed?! The tubs are filled so full that we’re amazed every time!) in the blink of an eye, and they’ll wave you off with a cheery smile. We think it’s because they know that you’ll soon be back very soon.

By Yvonne Dickson
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